1000 FREE minutes for AT&T iPhone users?

Ok, this sounds a little too good to be true, but word has it that if you text YES to 11113020 you’ll get 1000 FREE minutes.  This is apparently good to all AT&T users with iPhones.  I am a Verizon user so I can not confirm this, but if it works…that’s AWESOME!  Someone try it! I’m curious!

Thanks Dallas Mommy!


  1. Just tried it, and it said thanks for accepting our bonus 1000 mins, please allow 4-6 to show on our account!

  2. wow! thats awesome!

  3. I did it and nothing!!!

  4. Scratch that last comment.. I got a text that said the same as Shannons. 🙂

  5. i did it lastnite and nothing. Tried again thismorn and I got thankyou that Shannon got. THX

  6. worked just now for me (Sat. 3:40pm EST)

  7. Just did this in the excitement but honestly wish I didn’t. Would if it’s a scam and now ive just opened up my phone/info for someone to steal??? Ahhh

    • Ok, just looked it up on the net and looks like it’s legit. AT&T just sucking up so we won’t switch to Verizon.