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$1.00/2 Bar S Coupon – New Link?

Print a $1.00/2 Bar S Coupon. These hot dogs are about $.88 a package at my Walmart so just $.38 after coupon!

*I think this is a new link, but I can’t tell b/c I can’t get to a printer. Let me know otherwise. Thanks!

**If you’re having issues, try this link.


  1. same link

  2. Thanks! It printed for me.

  3. Thanks! It printed for me.

  4. lezlie webb says:

    Nothing there but red wood wall and a sign that says bar s coupons. Nothing prints. Thanks.

  5. I have tried several times, first time i fllled out the form but there was no submit button, now there is no form to fill out just a red wall.

    • i got the blank red wall too so i clicked on the bar-s at the top of the page and it took me to the main page and then i clicked on the coupon link and it took me back to the same page but it had the form on it. filled it out and then pressed submit and then a link will appear on top of the submit button that says click here for coupon.

    • oh and the coupons prints at the bottom of the page. i canceled the last print since there were only ads or words printing and then a friend of mine said it prints the coupon last so i only got toprint it once.

  6. Heidi Richhart says:

    I tried to find it but, couldn’t. Can you send me a direct link or something where i can print it?

  7. Updated with new link.

  8. i am having the same problem just a red screen nothing comes up