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Reminder: $20 Target Gift Card Giveaway! Enter Now!


Reminder: Only a few days left to enter!!

We thought we would spice things up a bit by offering a free $20 Target gift card to one lucky Discount Queen reader! You have a total of 6 ways to enter and can get an extra entry each day just by Tweeting about this giveaway on Twitter or posting it on Facebook. That’s a total of 6 entries per person plus a bonus daily entry for you tweeters & Facebook posters. Just follow the instructions below (click the “Read More” link). This is going to be fun! πŸ™‚



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      • wow, I am so sorry for posting anything today on this blog. I just realized that I already did this part of the entry days ago. I have entered several contests this week and got confused! Again, I am very sorry and disregard this entry.

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