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OVER: (2) $20 Target Gift Card Giveaway for Likers – HURRY!


Last Chance! This giveaway ends in 1 hour! Hurrry and enter!!!

EDIT: So this may have been super confusing because I posted this giveaway on Facebook as well. So, guess what!? I think I should giveaway 2 Target $20 gift Cards! One for a random Liker who leaves a comment on this post, and one for a Liker who leaves a comment on the “$20 Target Gift Card Giveaway” post on Facebook! So you better head over to Facebook and find this post and leave another comment on that post. It has to be left under that particular post to count! Woot Woot! Here’s to doubling your chances!!

Remember that deal on Plum District, the one where you earned a $20 Target Gift Card for referring 4 friends? Well, I just got mine in the mail this week and I thought maybe I should give it to one of you! You are the ones who helped me earn it after all :).

So here’s the deal: This deal is for our Facebook Likers only. We need some more self-esteem over here, so if you want to help us out, that would be great. If you’re a “Liker” all you have to do is leave a comment on this post! This deal is only good for 24 hours, by 5:00 pm tomorrow night, I’ll announce the winner using Random.org. Be sure to leave your comment on THIS POST (look below the post for a comment tab). If you’re selected as the winner and you’re not a Liker, well, that’s bad news :).

You can head over here if you want to be a Liker!

*Don’t forget: You can still enter our $50 March giveaway for “Suggesting” our page to friends. See HERE for details


  1. Me. Me. Me.

  2. I don’t LIKE you, I LOVE you!!!

  3. Thanks for all you do!

  4. Likes shopping.

  5. so need this for school uniforms for my 3 little 1’s!

    Love ur site

  6. Thank you for providing this awesome service! Very appreciative.

  7. Candice J. says:

    I’m a liker!! You’re great!

  8. Love Target and Discount Queens!

  9. I’m a “liker”!! New to couponing. Your site has helped me tremendously. Thanks!

  10. Michelle says:

    I like you!

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    Thanks so much for a chance to win the Target gift card. Crossing my fingers!!!

  12. I like you! and i tell everyone about you! =D

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    Liker on facebook, liker on here too! 🙂

  14. I’m a Loyal Liker.

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    Liker on Facebook and followed all three steps!!

  16. I love Target! and appreciate all you do.

  17. Great site. Would love a chance at winning a Target Gift Card. Thank you

  18. I love Target and appreciate all you do!

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    I like alot !!

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  27. Liked you on facebook; love your website, my wife is a devoted fan too.

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    I’m a Liker!! Thanks for the chance to win the Target gift card!

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    I just started following you on facebook this week and I am LOVING it! Thanks

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    I just found you guys the other day… I’m diggin’ ya big time. 🙂

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    I am a Liker on Facebook & love your website. Read it everyday! Thanks for all of the daily updates.

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  37. I’m a Liker too!!!!

  38. Can’t say enough good things about your tweets. You’re a lifeline to us unemployed folks who are trying to live on a fraction of what we used to earn. Keep ’em coming because it’s a real public service that you are doing!

  39. Hey, i honestly just discovered your website a about 3 days ago and i have stopped looking at my normal websites because you ms. are the best! i have not seen any websites that kick butt like you do. im so excited about the purex deal you posted, and i love you! and i have liked you on the facebook 🙂 keep up the good work

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    I like Target, I love your website, and I thrive on saving money!

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  46. Mandy Taylor says:

    Tamra! I love your blog and I love you 2!!! You post AWESOME deals!!!

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    I am not a liker of your site…I am a LOVER! I must look at the site 20 times a day! Thank you and everyone else who helps with this site! Everyone is so nice and helpful.

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    Thanks for everything!!!! 🙂 Love your site.

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    I could really use a Target gift card! I have twin girls that need some cute spring dresses!

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    Couponing has allowed me to not have to go back to work after having our 2nd child…and you taught me how to do it! Thank you!!!!

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    I would love, not like, to win a $20.00 Target gift card!!

  64. Your site is helping my husband and I save tons of money! Love it!!!

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  71. casey Barrett says:

    You are the best and I brag about this website and all the saving that I have done since becoming a frequent web-site stalker

  72. I’m crossing my fingers and my toes! You make doing this doable for me.

  73. Kristi McMorris says:

    Target is my favorite!! I like a lot!!!!!

  74. Susan Todd says:

    I’m a LIKER too!

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  77. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Yay freaking Looooove this site!

  79. Tabetha Elliss says:

    I’m a liker! I love Target!

  80. I’m a liker – LOVER! 😉 I’d love this to get a new shower curtain. Mine is over 5 years old and target has SO many cute ones! Thanks for all the great deals you post on your site! Love it!

  81. I liked you! Not only because I literally LIKE you, But I LOVE you.. your q’s are great.. and your commitment is awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to win this and thank you for your time and q’s.. such a blessing to me!

  82. Awesome give away!!! Would really help :

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    i tried hard 2 get it from them 🙁

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