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$2/2 Johnson & Johnson Coupon Counterfeit? Doubt It…

There have been lots of talk that the $2/2 Johnson & Johnson Printable Coupon is counterfeit and has been added to the CIC Counterfeit Coupon list. While it obviously has been listed, there seems to be some discrepancies and I’m not so convinced.

Evidence #1: I received a direct link to this coupon via Albertsons corporate in an e-mail dated 3/23 (as did many of you I’m sure).  Check out the web version of this e-mail HERE. Here is the screen shot:


Evidence #2: This coupon is still available to print through an active and legit Bricks link. (Like J&J couldn’t Google the coupon and ask Coupons.com to take it down??)

So either this coupon is (1)  not counterfeit, (2) there is a different counterfeit version (likely), or (3) Albertsons has now entered into the business of counterfeit coupon production (not likely). If the later is the case, it’s going to be a race to turn in Albertsons for the $2500 reward! 🙂

Hmmm… anyone else have any ideas. Maybe I’m missing something?


  1. I pulled my coupons and looked closely at them. In the fine print there’s a typo 🙁 Says something like “retailer will be reimbursed face balue” balue?? Will I had looked closer sooner. And I dont rememer where I originally printed from. So maybe there are some that are real…but maybe there are a few out there that are fake (like mine).
    Who does this kind of thing anyway?? uuugggghhhh

  2. Yes, I’m suspicious as well. The typical wording on a coupon is something like this, “We will reimburse you the face value of this coupon plus .08….” The wording on the coupon in question reads: “We will pay for the face balue of this coupon…” The wording seems very unprofessional….even without taking into account the spelling error. Not sure what is going on, but seems a little fishy to me.

  3. Sandra S. says:

    I went to the veri-fi website and typed in the code on the coupon and this is what it said-You entered Veri-FI code 0389505302959302

    This code is VALID.

    The coupons bearing this code
    must read as follows:
    Summary Save $2.00 on any Two (2) LISTERINE® Antiseptic Mouthwash;
    Description: or STAYFREE® or CAREFREE® item (except 20ct and 22ct. sizes); or any ZYRTEC®; or any AVEENO®
    UPC Code: 9 9411677319 3
    EAN Code:
    Exp. Date: No Later Than 4/30/2011
    Timestamp: 4/17/2011 1:51:35 PM

  4. maybe it was an april fools? lol whats a balue? haha

  5. I saw this discussion on another coupon site and it seems there were some copied coupons sold on ebay. If you received yours from a direc coupon link you are probably okay.

  6. I saw a post on another blog that there had been a bunch of copies made of this coupon that were sold and that those were the counterfeit coupons.

  7. My coupon printed from coupons.com. Everything on my coupon likes legit. It does have a typo error like you said, but that can happen to anyone. Is there anyway to verify for sure that the coupon is legit? I don’t want a hassle trying to redeem it. I get enough hassling as it is.