About Us

Once upon a time, in an over-priced kingdom not too far from here, the local subjects grew tired of how much they were paying for everyday necessities. Though they took advantage of a good sale when they could, still it seemed there was nothing they could do to ebb the flow of ever-increasing prices.

Until one day when the Discount Queens came to the land. Armed with coupon binders, pricing guides and store policies, they scoured the kingdom in search of the best deals to share with their subjects. “Match-ups! Rebates! Register Rewards and Catalinas!” they preached to all who would listen, and from that day forth the kingdom was changed forever. No longer did the royal subjects suffer under the evil oppression of over-priced super-stores.

Today the Discount Queens seek to share their shopping savvy with you—will you step forward and claim your crown and become what you were always meant to be . . . a Discount Queen?

Our Contributors

Tamra, Christy, Nikki, Kelley & Traci