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Albertson’s Cereal Sale

I was at Albertson’s on McMillan and Eagle tonight and the checker there said that they would take any Post coupon for any of the cereals, regardless of what the coupon states. The checkers should be informed that even if it doesn’t scan, they can manually push it through (they will get reimbursed for these). If you go to this store, ask for the manager Kurt, if you have problems. He wants our business so he’s doing all it takes to get us in and back to his store. Supposedly within the next few days this location will be getting in tons more cereal.

FYI: We have Honey Comb $.55/1 coupons that WILL scan for the Honey Bunches of Oats.

How’s the cereal shopping going for everyone?


  1. Ryan & Martha says:

    Yay – I was so worried that the coupons I bought would not work. So, the Post Selects should work, right? Good job Katie. BTW – the blog looks awesome. I”m passing the word along!

  2. Ryan & Martha says:

    So, I went to the Meridian/Fairview Albies this morning to try my luck. In my first transaction I got 3 Honey Bunches of Oats and 3 Just Bunches. I was able to scan 3 55/1 Honeycomb coupons but no more. They told me I could only use it on Honeycomb. I told them it took three and I didn’t buy any. They asked Travis who they said was in charge and he said if it scans take it, if not, then don’t. Try your luck there. I think that coupon will work for Honey Bunches like Katie said, but not Just Bunches. Those were the instructions from Travis though – that if it scans to take it – if not, then don’t.