Albertsons doubler ideas!

Here are a few doubler ideas I found tonight at Albertsons. One day left to use you double coupons (found in Sundays paper).

Bagelfuls – $2.50
Use $.75/1
Final (must buy four): 4/$1.75

CapriSun Sunrise – $2.50
Use $1/1
Final (must buy four): Free!!

Diamond Almonds (small can) – $2/4
Use $.50/1
Final: $1

Oreo Cookies – $2.99
Use peelie coupon found at most stores by the snack aisle $1.50/1 when you buy 1 gallon of milk
Final: 2:50 for Oreos and 1 gallon of milk

Warm and Serve Rhodes Rolls – 2.69
Use $1/1
Final – $.69

McCormick package seasoning
Use $.75/1
Final: Free!

Duncan Hines Brownies $1.00
Use $.35/1
Final : $.30

Kraft Mayonnaise (10 oz): 2/$4
Use $1/1 printable (from the coupon bar)
Final: Free!

Frenches Honey and Brown Mustard – $1.59
Use $75/1
Final – $.09

These are just a few. Leave a comment if you want and share your finds!


  1. Bill & Jen says:

    Can you explain for example, the scenario with the capri suns. Do the coupons make it so 4 are free? Or just one is Free? I’m sorry, I’m new to this and I am soooo confused!