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Albertsons, Walgreens, Rite aid, and Walmart Trips 1/1 (74% Savings!!)


Transaction #1
YoplaitYogurt Cups 10/$6.00
Double $1/10 Yoplait Yogurt Cups 11/13 GM
Star Olive Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil $3.99
Double $1/1 Star Olive Oil Printable
Total $7.98
If you shop at Hillcrest Albertsons in Boise, continue to keep an eye out for GREAT clearance items. They did a store reset last month, and there still are several shelves.

Transaction #2
Yoplait 4 pack FREE from transaction #1
Scrubbing Bubbles $2.99
Used $3.00/1 from email to company*
*It never hurts to let a company know if you like or are dissatisfied with their products! They will occasionally reward you with a nice coupon!
Nestle Dark Chocolate/Mint Morsels (yum!) $1.59
1 Hartz Gerbil Food $1.34
Ponderosa Pine Shavings $1.24
Total $4.16



Transaction #1
NutraLife SAMe Mood, Joint and Liver Health 30 ct $10.00
Received $10 RR
Total $10.00

Transaction #2
Buy 2 Triaminic Fever Reducer 2/$10.00
Use (1) $3/2 Triaminic Product Printable Coupon (If you printed, NLA)*
*if you didn’t print this, there were also $1.50/1 peelies!
Received $5 RR

Buy 2 Children’s Sudafed PE4 oz 2/$10
Used (2) $2/1 Sudafed
Used $10 RR from transaction #2
Received $5.00 RR
Reeses Peanut Butter Tree $0.18
Total $3.18

Transaction #3
Muscletech Smart Protein Bar 2.2 oz $1.99
Receive $2 RR
Acai gummy vitamin $2.59 (clearance red tag)
Used (1) $5 RR from transaction #2
3 Reeses Peanut Butter Trees, $0.18 each (filler items)
Total OOP $0.12
Still have $2 and $5 RR for next time!


Rite Aid
* Always check your purse/wallet for +Ups you might have left from last week! I had a $3 one from last week to make today’s deal even sweeter!

Transaction #1
Buy 2 Pantene 2/$7
Used $3+up*
Used $3/2 Pantene 1/1 P
Pay $1 OOP
Get $2 +up wyb 2 (limit 2)
$1.00 money maker for me!

Transaction #2
Oral B battery Toothbrush $5.99
Used $3/1 Oral B Battery Toothbrush 1/1 P&G
Used $2+up from transaction #1
Pay $.99 OOP
Submitting for $2.99 Single Rebate Check
Total: $2.00 money maker!



Why am a posting a deal with an expired coupon? Why is a healthy-smiled, 37-year old buying stock in denture cleanser? I see this coupon from time to time (It will be back.) and ignore it. Ignore no more! Have a kid with a retainer? I do. Dr. H just told me this is perfect retainer cleanser as well! Always look for alternative uses for cheap stuff!
Bought 6 Fixodent denture cleansers $3.47 each
Used (6) $3/1 Fixodent from December P&G exp. 12/31
Total $2.82

I always use my TTV coupons at Albertsons when they have a better or similar deal. However, if I can get a significantly better price at Walmart, I will.
Buy 4 gallons milk, $2.39 each
Double (4) $0.75/1 Milk printable coupons
Buy (4) Wet Ones Canisters $1.98 each
Double (4) $0.75/1 Wet Ones printable coupons
Buy (4) All You Magazine (Woohoo! Use coupons to buy more coupons!)
Double (4) $0.50/1 All You printable coupons
Buy (2) Pedigree Dog food $5.22 each
Double (2) Pedigree $1/1 food for dogs bag 1/1 RP
Buy (2) Snuggle Dryer Sheets $1.87 each
Double (2) $1/1 Snuggle Save $.50/1 dryer sheets 1/1 RP
Buy (1) Lifesavers $2.88
Double (1) $1/1 Lifesavers printable
Buy (1) Glad Sandwich Bags $3.97
Double (1) $1/1 Glad Sandwich Bags (this was inside my Fruity Pebbles box!)
Buy (1) Little Mommy Baby Doll $29.90 (Was $59.97!)
*Christmas may be over, but birthdays are coming…buy clearance toys while you can!
Use (1) $10/1 Little Mommy Doll printable coupon
Buy (2) Dole Salad mix $1.58
Used (1) $2/2 Dole Salad Mix printable coupon (NLA?)
Buy (4) Hot Pockets Snackers $2.68
Double (2) $1/2 Hot Pockets Snackers printable
Total: $49.93

Before coupons and sale prices, these shopping trips would have cost $299.94.
I got it all for $77.19!  That is a 74% savings!  What a way to start the new year!


  1. How do you get the Walmart coupons to double? I don’t think our Walmart doubles them so I will need to check.

  2. Some do and some do not. It is kin to price matching, but it depends on your store’s policy. The store I go to is Overland road in Boise, ID. The coupons I used were Albertsons TTV (Twice The Value) coupons. The availability of these differ per area as well. Kmart offers double coupons from time to time as well. Check with your store d ask if they accept oter stores double coupons. Never hurts to ask!

  3. PS Kmart doubles coming this Wednesday and Saturday!