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Albies Run

*Costco Hams were $2.29/ lb. They have so many hams if any one needs to go grab one, there are plenty to go around.   I am not sure how this price compares to the Albertson’s ham’s, but the Costco ham is delicious and FREE.  They also have asparagus priced for $1.55/lb, which is cheaper than Albertson’s and Fred Meyer this week, who both have asparagus priced at $1.99. Hope you all enjoy a delicious Easter dinner!*
Alright Ladies….so I did an Albies trip this morning and my $10 came off autamatically withought the purchase of meat.  I actually clumped my 4 transactions into one and it took off $40.   I spent $38.49 and saved $120.12
I also called the Unilever customer service number this morning.  I had heard rumor that you had to have at least 1 Unilever product on the receipt with your ham to make the rebate work.  NOT TRUE!  You can get your Costco Ham and send that reciept with your Unilver receipts purchased elsewhere.  I will keep you posted on the price per pound of the Costco ham.  It might not beat the Albertson’s ham price, but I love my Costco ham.