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Amber’s Resolution Review – Week 4

If you read My Couponing New Year’s Resolution -  You know that my three resoltuions are Budgeting, Menu Planning, and using Mail in Rebates!

Here is my weekly summary of what I have done PLUS how much money I have saved!


I have set myself to a budget of $350 a month for my family of 4. This grocery budget includes ALL of my shopping, pet supplies, laundry, everything that I have to buy at a store!! I set it a $350 to give myself some cushion, because I can regularly do this with $175 or less. I have budgeted this way so that whatever is left over each month can go to our savings account – remember we are saving up for that first home!

So, if I have it set at $350 a month, this leaves me about $87.50 a week to spend!

I wanted to also give you guys a tip on budgeting this week. It is much easier to look and control your monthly budget if you are looking at it week by week instead of at the end of the month. if you blow your bidget by $80 and don’t realize it by the next month, you can’t fix it as easy! Just a thought for you! 🙂

Another rough week for me! Why is that? I surely took advantage of the Albertsons Coupon Round Up and stocked up on some stuff like Mayo using all of my small faced coupons!

WEEK 3 – I spent $94.90, saving $109!

This is a high amount, and not a very good savings number, thankfully, I still made it within that budget for the month!

So let’s see how January tallyed up!

SPENT: $279.36
SAVED: $533.49
SAVINGS: 65.63% (OUCH – the round up killed my goal!)

This means I have $70.64 that I can ship off to our savings account now!


I have not submitted any mail in rebates this week – bummer, but I have my eyes out for them!



I always tell you how much I love Food on the Table, because they offer menu planning for FREE (for 3 meals), so now that I am done onto mine!

Some examples of what I had this week for cheap:

Battered Cod
Steak Pasta (husband creation!)
Mexican Lasagna
Chicken Stir Fry (Watch for this coming soon to the Dinner on a Dime series)

Before my resolution, I was just figuring out on a daily basis what was for dinner. Now on Saturday evenings I get my menu figured out for the week or I will do it Sunday evening if I find some killer meat stickers Sunday morning. This cuts down on those little trips for small things like sour cream because you decided on tacos tonight!

So there is the summary of what I have been up to for the past week!

How did your monthly budget tally up?

If you would like to see anything else in this review feel free to comment below! As always give this post a like/tweet if you enjoyed it! : Have a great weekend and make sure to come see me again next Friday to see how I start off the month of February!!!