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Applied Labels- Personalized Labels For Your Every Need!

If you’re like most people, you’ve experienced that little twinge of fear that comes along with lending out your favorite stuff. I get that feeling almost every time I go to a house party. I love bringing treats to share. The problem is, I don’t always want to bring my good serving dishes BUT I also don’t want to carry in those cheap looking disposable dishes either. So what are you supposed to do?! Well, I found an awesome solution…Applied Labels.

AppliedLabels.com offers products that EVERYONE needs! They have school labels, camp labels, kids labels, bottle labels, and labels for home and office; they offer labels for every situation! I was lucky enough to try the Classic Applied Labels and let me tell you, I will NEVER fear lending my things out again!

I collect Starbucks mugs and my better half has a tendency to steal them. I’m not sure how he does it but somehow he manages to open our cabinet, go through the hundreds (not really but there’s A LOT) of mugs we have, and take my favorites. Unfortunately, almost half the time, my favorite mugs never make it back home. If they do, Mr. Man, for some reason, gets the idea that my mugs belong to him. Not anymore!


My favorite mugs have now been labeled with my AWESOME, almost permanent Applied Labels.

Applied Labels have better adhesion than other products on the market and the ink they use was designed to withstand harsh treatment. To test that, I washed my mug by hand and then put it through the washer. Guess what?


My label is still there!

I opened my washer half expecting to find the label sitting somewhere on the bottom of my dishwasher. To my surprise, the label was still firmly affixed to my mug. I even purposely tried to lift the edge of the sticker and wasn’t able to do it. AppliedLabels.com has impressed me to the fullest!

These are the perfect labels to ensure you get your borrowed mugs and left behind Tupperware back into your possession. Applied Labels are also perfect for your kid’s lunch boxes, backpacks, and extra clothing you pack along with them to school or daycare.

Friends, stop the worry and slap a label on it!

Check out AppliedLabels.com now!