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Step One: Go to the Source

Where to start?

 You’re surrounded by people wielding dangerously large binders speaking a strange language, using words like ‘doublers’, ‘stacking’, ‘BOGOs’ and ‘Catalinas’. At first, this might feel like a very foreign kingdom. Allow Discount Queens to warmly welcome you into your heritage, because you deserve to live like royalty, and we’re ready to show you how.

First and foremost, you need an influx of coupons, and you’ve got tons of source options.

Printable coupons

These days a high percentage of the coupons used are online and printable. Some good ones to start with are:



Smart Source.com


These are some of the main sources, but there’s a myriad of printable coupon offers for you to explore on hundreds of websites and Facebook pages. Printables often have a limit of 2 per customer, but if you’ve got more than one computer at home you can translate that into two per computer. The nice thing about printables is that you only print them when you need them, making your paper coupon inventory a little more manageable, something you’ll appreciate down the road.

*You might ponder the purchase of an inexpensive laser printer, and/or scope out places that recycle ink cartridges and resell them for less, as well as a good place to buy discounted paper. As coupons move more and more toward online printables, you’re going to be doing large amounts of printing.

The Sunday Paper

The paper is a good coupon source. We suggest purchasing a sample of one of each local paper. Look through each and decide which carries the most valuable coupons. If you’re not sure which one that is, ask a couponing friend, you know they’ll know!

Once you’ve established your favorite publication, get a subscription to the Sunday paper. You’re going to want multiple copies of it.  If you’re serious about saving big, this is the way to go. (Ask my friend with four kids who just took her entire family to Hawaii for a week with the money she’s saved couponing!) If you don’t want to buy that many papers, or can’t afford to (which will soon not be the case), for now you can ask non-couponing friends or family for their Sunday papers. They’re doing you a favor by donating the couponing inserts to the cause, and you’re doing them a favor by hauling their ever-multiplying newspapers away.

Once you’ve got the inflow of valuable coupons going, you’re going to need somewhere to store all of that  literal printed money.

Coming up next:

Where to Put it All?

Help getting organized with info on binders, folders, files and more!

Howlin’ Halloween Costumes!

It’s like playing dress-up, but on steroids. Once a year, young and old alike get to become something they’re not, hiding behind the makeup and the mask. It’s the ultimate in mental repression relief, stepping into the role of a zombie, superhero, a walking RedBox, bronzed statue, Thing One and Thing Two, plastic green army play figure, or a pink cupcake on two legs. Your choice of costume says a lot about your personality and your inner self. Do you like food? Blood and gore? Going to the movies? More than that, your Halloween wardrobe is a ‘killer’ way to start a conversation, or let people know you’ve got a sense of humor or an active imagination. It’s also a way to unleash a fair amount of steam, dressing the kid that’s been a stinker all year up as a little devil, or donning a mask with a world leader’s face on it and bossing everyone else around.

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Whatever your personality and style, we’ve got the links to costume shops that have every costume you could think of, (and then some!) right here.

Halloween History

Halloween is a time of in-between, just on the precipice of fall, but tumbling into winter. The Celts believed this time of year to represent the same with the earth’s souls, that the line between the living and the dead becomes blurred. While some visiting spirits might have been friendly, they felt that others were not. They lit huge bonfires and wore animal heads and coats (the original Halloween costumes) to scare off the unfriendlies and encourage them to go back to wherever it was they’d come from. (The friendly ghosts, they celebrated. They even left plates of dinner for them on their doorsteps). Pope Gregory III took matters into his own hands during the eight century and tried to make the day less frightening, declaring November 1st as ‘All Hallow’s Day’ today known as ‘All Saints Day’ a time for honoring all saints and martyrs. Therefore October 31 was known as ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ and eventually morphed into the term ‘Halloween.’ Americanized later on, vandalism became an unwelcome issue as too many tricks were played on residences by juveniles during Halloween night. A bribe was concocted, offering youth a treat if they agreed not to play a trick on that household…What’s now known as ‘Trick or Treat’. The treats, costumes and décor of Halloween has turned into a multi-billion-dollar expenditure for Americans per year, making it the commercial holiday that ranks just below Christmas, a far cry from the dirt-cheap bonfires, animal hats and furs of yesteryear’s Celts.

Top Costumes

With so many superhero movies out, (Spiderman, the Avengers), who wouldn’t want to dress like one of the mega movie supercharacters? Shield off evil as Captain America, have adoring fans climbing the walls over your Spidey suit, or wow them as Wonder Woman!

Get Angry
Exploding pigs and targeting birds are just the beginning of the addiction. Feathered or more pork-centered, the Angry Birds theme is sure to be a ‘hit’.

Go TEAM, or Just Be-CAUSE
Wear your favorite teams colors in the extreme as you spray your hair to match that revered football jersey, but it won’t stop there. Face, lips, and fingernails follow along. Got a good cause? Douse yourself in showing how much you care by wearing that cause’s colors on every square inch of your person.

Dress like Mom used to during her eighties high school years with big earrings and even bigger hair. Guys, how about a mullet wig to show the world just who’s business in the front and party in the back?

Who’s Afraid of Clowns?
Thanks to Steven King, quite a few people fear the once-friendly painted faces. Are you cutesy and funny, or does fresh evil lurk under the makeup? Only you’ll know for sure.

Superstitious Much?

What’s behind the black cat problem? In the Middle Ages, there were those that thought witches hid themselves within the bodies of black cats, in order to avoid being discovered. It is also believed that the feline has up to nine lives.

Spilling salt, walking underneath ladders, breaking mirrors, stepping on crack in the sidewalk (sorry about the broken back, Mom), are all in the superstitious category. Had a run of bad luck? There’s your problem!

Don’t forget the crazy things we’ll do for good luck: carrying around dead rabbits’ feet, collecting clovers with leaves of four, displaying horseshoes, wearing clothes inside out, making sure we blow out those birthday candles in the very first breath, and getting competitive over pulling apart wishbones.

Historic Halloween Traditions

During Halloween it was thought that women could discover the look or name of their future spouse through yarn or mirror tricks.

Digesting a sweetened mixture of nutmeg, walnuts and hazelnuts just before drifting off to sleep could make that person dream of their future mate.

An apple peel tossed gleefully over the shoulder might land in the shape of your future loved one’s initials.

Whoever was the first among Halloween party-goers to catch an apple in their teeth by bobbing for the fruit was said to be the first to marry that year.

A Few Costume Ideas:

Angry Birds, Carl Fredricksen and the Up House, Crayola Crayons, Cookie Monster and Giant Cookie, Edward Scissorhands, Flintstones, Flo from Progressive Insurance, Harry Potter, Iron Man, Marge and Homer Simpson, Mickie and Minnie Mouse, Minotaur, Monopoly Man, Nerds Box, Ninja Turtles, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, Papa Smurf, Pinata, Princess Leia, Red Box, Rosie the Riveter, Smurfette, Wilson of the movie (Castaway), Washer and Dryer, Zombies

Americas Haunted House Guide – Dare to Get Scared

The Undead. Ghosts. Zombies. Blood and gore. Things that go bump in the night.
What if they were all around you, and you had nowhere to hide, no escape from their bony hands reaching, misty forms creeping, crawling towards you…

Scared yet?

Embed Americas Haunted House Guide on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below

That’s only the beginning. America’s best haunted houses are opening their doors this Halloween season to people who like a good fright while exploring terrifying, unnerving and downright eerie dwellings. Intense doesn’t even begin to cover it. With some haunts taking the business to out-of-this-world levels through uber-realistic costumes, makeup and set designs that rival the best of horror films, others got their origins from teenagers daring each other to enter old, abandoned houses, later turning the places into legitimate money-makers. Fog machines, freakishly accurate audio, flashing lights or no light at all as patrons feel their way along spider-webbed walls, only to find the hair-raising, roughened touch of a monster is the norm at the places that make a living off the legends of the undead or dying. Get chilled to the bone as you peruse the blood-curdling haunted buildings that are peppered all throughout the U.S.’s mortal realm.

Real Haunted Houses in the United States

Evansville, Indiana:
The Willard Public Library is reportedly haunted by a female who is now called ‘the Grey Lady’. Local police, in response to the setting off of a security alarm, claimed to have seen two ghosts in the library’s upstairs window. Other instances of water taps being turned on and off, the unexplained fragrance of perfume, sensations of coldness, noises, items being moved, and random things found in the library with no reasonable origin has been commonplace.

Oxford, Kansas:
The Oxford Middle School is supposedly housing a ghost by the name of Anne Marie. The school’s doors have long been closed, but that didn’t close down the stories. Spending most of her time in the Gym balcony’s storage area, Anne Marie has made herself known through multiple sightings.

St. Francisville, Louisiana:
The Myrtles Plantation is reported to be haunted by a former slave named Chloe, who was put to death by fellow slaves after killing (by accident or otherwise) certain members of her master’s family. Chloe is said to have used oleander leaves to do the trick, put into a cake. It’s thought that her associates expired her to escape their master’s punishment upon them.

Bannack, Montana:
Bannack is a real ghost town, founded in 1862 and named after the Bannock Indians. historically one of the original to be settled in the county. And word has it that it’s haunted by many, like Dorothy, lady in a blue gown who drowned in a nearby creek, or the executed group of outlaws that are having a hard time leaving town, though every effort’s been made to get them to do so.

Carson City, Nevada:
The Nevada Governor’s Mansion, first inhabited by Governor Denver S. Dickerson and family in July of 1909. Staff and Governor’s Mansion guests alike have supposedly witnessed what is thought to be Una Dickerson, the late Governor’s wife, and daughter Jane. Jane Dickerson was the only child ever born at the Mansion.

Greensboro, North Carolina:
Jamestown is the home of Lydia’s Bridge, where in the 1920’s a girl and her date were coming home from a local dance on a night that was purportedly chock-full of fog. Hurrying so as not to pass curfew, Lydia’s date lost control of the automobile, colliding with the Southern Railroad Underpass Bridge. The driver died immediately, but the severely injured girl got herself out of the car, then attempted to flag down help. Likely looking somewhat disheveled, she may have been mistaken for a hitchhiker. No one stopped to offer assistance, and Lydia passed away at the road’s edge. Numerous stories began to surface as people told of giving a ride to a hitchhiker dressed all in white who called herself Lydia, a girl who recites her address and still expresses concern regarding being late for her curfew. Disappearing each time before she is taken to her desired location, Lydia is now called the Phantom Hitchhiker, Lady in White, and the Vanishing Lady.

What Makes it Haunted?

  • History: Every haunted house has some history, whether fictionalized or not, it’s the story that is the start of hair raising on the backs necks, or the chills that begin to run up and down arms.
  • Sensory overdrive: Sights, sounds, smells, damp air, textures such as surfaces that are too rough, too damp, too slippery, too slimy, too unstable
  • Our culture: The horror/ sci-fi movie-makers have made a mint off of scaring viewers out of their wits, and viewers happily pay them to continue to bring us more scares, year after frightening year.

How Will You React?

  • Tears. Some are so scared, they find themselves crying.
  • A big rush. Plan to experience large doses of adrenaline.
  • Uncontrollable Trembling. Shaking. Quaking. Just like a leaf, but on steroids.
  • Screaming. It’s not uncommon.
  • Confusion. A haunted house is meant to scramble up what once firmly-held logic. Better keep your wits about you…if you can.
  • Paranoia. Those monsters, ghouls and zombies look like they’re locked up behind sturdy bars, but are they?

Features To Watch For On Your Haunted  House Visit!
Werewolves, monsters, zombies, mutants, ghosts, cemeteries, hidden passages, moments of pitch-black darkness, fake (or are they?) spiders, rats, snakes, moaning and groaning of tortured souls, unplanned interactive experiences, dilapidated-looking buildings, loud noises, realistic cosmetics, costumes and characters.

Fantastic Fall Giveaway Winners!

Fall Giveaway Cookies!

This is what our Discount Queens will be mixing up in their kitchens…hope they want to share!

So fun to give out FREE STUFF!

Our DiscountQueens winner of the 2 Artisan 5qt. KitchenAid mixers was Patti Moore!

Other winners:

  • Holly Fidanzo, 2 handmixers
  • Sarah Yucatonis, 2 handmixers
  • Ayna Nixon, 2 handmixers
  • Kelley Boyd, 2 whisks
  • Kat Kramer-Satterfield, 2 whisks
  • Kelly Roberts, 2 whisks
  • Melissa Tebow, 2 whisks
  • Leslie Danforth, 2 whisks

Looks like these ladies will be mixing up a storm in their kitchens, I’m sure it will be YUMMY, since everything tastes better with kitchen equipment that was won!

Just in time for the holidays and holiday baking, too. Mmmm, I can almost smell the cookies, cakes, and pies…

Congratulations again, ladies, it was great to have you be a part of our Fall Giveaway. Enjoy your prizes!

Amaizing Cornfusion: A Guide to America’s Corn Mazes

One of the greatest and much-anticipated Fall traditions is losing yourself in a corn maze. An activity filled with farm fun for all ages, not much beats watching the smiles emerge. It’s clean, it’s wholesome, and it’s a break from the electronic world. Create lifelong memories as you sort your way through row upon row of tall corn, warm your hands by a bonfire, sip some local apple cider and relax on a hay bale while the kids play. Our country has some of the finest corn mazes ever made, and we want to introduce you to them, along with tips for how to enjoy them to the fullest. Ever wondered how the maze got started? We’ll give you the history. There are benefits to corn ‘mazing’, and we’ll tell you what they are, along with additional attractions, maze design trivia, what to expect when in the corn, items to take with you, what you should know before you go, and multiple links to mazes all over America. Ready…set…get lost!

Embed Amaizing Cornfusion: A Guide To Americas Corn Mazes on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below


Dating back 4000 years or more, these intricate labyrinths have a goal that’s always the same: To eventually find your way out, or get good and lost trying. In years to come, mazes popped up in art, design, and religious dwellings. Bordering the Baltic Sea are hundreds of labyrinths made of stone, and later European palace gardeners merrily watched as kings and princes made their way through their puzzling puzzles of masterfully designed hedges. Popularity grew in the nineteenth century, with mazes appearing in public places like parks. By the 1970’s, entering a twisty maze was all the recreational rage for just about any age. The clever turning of average corn fields into confusing corn mazes has become one of the hottest American tourist agri-tainment attractions during the Autumn months. When the ever-wholesome corn stalk meets up with the mysterious, people love the cornfusion and fun they find down on the farm.

The Benefits of Mazing:

  • Several plusses to mastering the corn maze are produced through problem-solving, sense of direction, common sense, and teamwork testing. Those who conquer a mind-bending maze (where each row begins to look exactly like the last, many of which are new each time depending on the entrance), experience a sense of amaizing brain-building accomplishment.
  • Directionally challenged? There’s no better place to practice till perfection, either during frightful nights or dazzling Fall daylight. If you get too lost, there are generally staff that come through the maze at intervals to render assistance. Some mazes even offer corn texting, providing texts that respond with directions.
  • Decision-making experience: Left? Right? It’s up to you!
  • Team-building? No better way to pull families, sports teams, or work associates together than to mix them up and get them lost. This will cause them to work as a group in order to find their way out of the cornfield.
  • Educational: Some mazes offer clues along their pathways, in the form of questions, or ways to decode passwords to assist along the path, turning a visit to the maze into a learning quest. Spending time on a farm is also a hands-on lesson in American agriculture.
  • Good for the Soul: It’s ancient belief that a labyrinth or maze calmed the soul during life’s transitions, with the idea that once a person found the center, they could make their way back to their origin.

But Wait, That’s Not All…

Although the maze is always the main attraction, many of America’s mazes also feature: scenic hay rides, local farmer’s markets, petting zoos, live outdoor music, hay bale jumping, picking and/or carving fresh pumpkins, movies under the stars, barrel trains, corn pits (like a sandbox, but with corn), giant inflatables, pumpkin smashing, tee pees, pedal carts, scarecrow contests, concessions, singing chickens, enormous hay chutes, playgrounds, bouncy pillows, square dancing, skits and comedy acts, horseback riding, puppet shows, farm tours, all-you-can-eat breakfasts, you-pick fruits and vegetables, giant spider rope spider webs to play on, zip lines, pig and duck races, giant tire mountain, corn and pumpkin cannons, private facilities for weddings, parties or corporate events, apple cider and donuts, rustic smoked barbeque, giant rocking chair, goat mountain, giant slide, haunted barn, baby chick nursery, inflatable military obstacle course, hill and roller slides, horseshoes, pumpkin tetherball, hay bale maze, cut flowers, gift shops.

Dozens of Amaizing Designs

Movie characters, mazes that tell stories or present themes, crop circles, giant gorillas, 100th year commemoration of the Girl Scout organization, Boy Scout logos, business logos and advertisements, messages, portraits, public and historical figures, team logos, sports themes, tributes, political candidates, PacMan, states, animals, race cars. You name it, there’s a maze designer that can create it.

What to Expect When In the Corn

Many mazes have paths that either lead to where you started, or towards their center.  Plan to be at the maze for a two-hour minimum. In states with all four seasons, inclement weather is possible. There may be restrictions on outside food and drink, and the potential for limited public restrooms. The presence of dirt, gravel, mud and puddles. Look forward to family time that won’t soon be forgotten, the beginning of a yearly tradition, and some great photographic opportunities.

Ideas for Items to Take With You

  • Camera
  • Jacket
  • Closed-toed shoes (If wet weather, wear old shoes or boots.)
  • Hats
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Long sleeved-shirts and pants are a good idea, if skin is sensitive to corn husks
  • A light stroller or child-carrying backpack if you will be bringing the little ones
  • Camp chair (if allowed)

What You Should Know Before You Go

Safety first. Be ready for obstacles and uneven surfaces such as wood chips, gravel, dirt or mud.

Inclement weather happens! Dress appropriately. Layers of clothing are the best bet.

If participating in a haunted maze, make sure it’s age-appropriate for accompanying children.

If a portable bathroom and wash stations are preferred, study the desired maze’s website, or call the maze to determine if these are available.

If there are any special needs, call ahead and let maze staff know so that they can accommodate those needs.

Outside food or drink: Some farms do not allow this, with the possible exception of school children bringing lunches during weekday field trips, or birthday cakes for scheduled parties. Call ahead to find out what the maze you’ll be visiting will allow.

Preventive Medicine

Got cabin fever yet?
Don’t worry, you will. Being that an ounce of prevention is worth a whole pound of cure, and with Fall settling us gently into the impending winter months, that sort of fever is certain. Why not prepare yourself with something to look forward to? Vacations aren’t only for spring and summer, you know. Welcome winter with a handful of escape-like tickets to elsewhere from Orbitz!

Stay at the Warwick Hotel New York, built in 1926 for the Hollywood crowd, just brimming with glitz, glamour and close to Central Park, Broadway, Rockefeller Center and Fifth Avenue. Warm your tired toes in the island sands of the Bahamas, meet up with Mickey and the magic of Disneyland, or why not stay at the Stratosphere Casino & Hotel in Vegas on the Strip? You can also wax patriotic at Capital Hill Hotel, located in a ritzy residential area of Washington, D.C., or sip a cool beverage in the Caribbean on a lounge chair by the ocean. Have a great time hobnobbing about the divine restaurants in San Francisco while staying at the historic Omni San Francisco Hotel.…it’s all just a click away, one click that will turn your winter blues into winter yahoos!

Here are just a few of Orbitz.com’s sizzling hot travel deals, the ones that only last about 72 hours, so get ‘em while they’re still smoking:

Step back into the Palm Springs of the 1960s at the glamour-soaked, retro-classy Riviera, and test out multi-million dollar renovations for yourself via the decadent rooms, lush gardens and Orient-inspired spa.

Splash in the aqua-colored Caribbean Sea at Montego Bay’s Sunset Beach Resort & Spa, surrounded by the flora and fauna of the tropics. For those that can’t sit still for long, a water park and ocean recreation awaits. For those that can, sigh deeply while enjoying multiple spa treatments that soothe the soul.

Yes, Virginia!
Soak up some history when you visit Williamsburg’s Greensprings Vacation Resort, a suite-only establishment that’s nestled into the core of the city. This former plantation is now designed for vacation with exterior and interior pools, golf, basketball, tennis, cozy fireplaces, in-suite kitchens, washers and dryers. The impeccable grounds beckon Greensprings guests to step out and take an old-fashioned stroll on their gorgeous green lawns.

Wowee…it’s Maui!
Settled on fifteen acres of paradise, the Castle Kamaole Sands Condominium Resort is just across the street from the popular Kamaole Beach Park III. Ponds filled with fish and exotic gardens offer peaceful island shade and respite. Join the weekly complimentary Mai Tai pool party, play some tennis, lounge by the extra-large swimming pool, experience endorphins at the fitness center, or soak in the Jacuzzis. The condos contain fully-equipped kitchens, but if you feel like barbequeing, there are nine areas where you can grill up whatever your heart desires.

Stay in your own personal self-contained luxury resort with individual villas at the Stonefield Estate Villa Resort, positioned at the very base of the Pitons. Private pools and garden showers suggest romance, as well as the fact that there are no TVs to be found. Breakfast, lunch, and dine outdoors at the Mango Tree Restaurant, shuttle to Jalousie Beach or Malgretoute Bay, or be utterly pampered at the Bamboo Door Spa.

Think Earls Court London, destined to become West London’s newest high-demand accommodations, this 338-apartment complex is only minutes from Earls Court Exibition Centre and Olympia, making this an ideal tourist home base. High Street Kensington, Notting Hill, Westfeld London and Portobello Market are all accessible, as well. Excellently designed with attention to detail and a selection of one or two bedroom or penthouse apartments with fully-equipped kitchens make these units the perfect choice for London’s business or pleasure guests.

Five stars go to Eurostars Madrid Tower, north of Madrid City Center, located within the awe-inspiring SyV Tower, Spain’s third largest skyscraper. Breathtaking views for the Tower are enhanced by luxurious rooms, fine Mediterranean dining, lobby bar, health club and spa.

The NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky was placed in 1865 on the historic Dam Square, just across from both the National Monument and Royal Palace. Heritage-rich, it’s among one of many Amsterdam gems. Guests will revel over in old-world in-house dining choices, as well as be amazed at the modern features. Walk or peddle a bicycle through the streets of Amsterdam from the centrally-located NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky.

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Vacation Time!

Stock up for winter with Orbitz.com tickets to ‘elsewhere’.

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