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Old Navy: Save 25% on your Entire Purchase!

CaptureWhoohoo! It’s time to visit Old Navy!!

Now through October 30th, you can save 25% on your entire purchase!

Of course, there are some restrictions; this deal is valid online only, it cannot be combined with super cash, and it cannot be used on everyday steals. BUT, this does work on clearance items!

All you have to do is enter the code ONTAKE25 to get your savings.


Amazon: 200 Pieces Army Men Action Figures Toy Soldiers Only $12.99!

CaptureI see a Christmas present in someone’s future!

Parents, if you’re looking for a great gift at a great price for you little one, you’ll want to head to Amazon and snag a 200 Piece Army Men Action Figures Toy Soldiers Tub for $12.99!

Shipping is FREE for Prime Members and for orders of $25+

Features Include:

  • Bucket of Army Men 200 pcs (USA, Britain, Germany, Japan)
  • Lots of colors and unique poses!
  • Size: Army Men Figures Stand up to 2-1/8 inches tall (54mm)
  • Packaging: Clear Plastic Bucket with Handle
  • Great gift for kids

There were only a handful left when I found this deal so I’m sure the price is going to change on it as soon as those are sold out. So, if you want to take advantage of this deal, you’ll have to hurry!


*HOT* Tim Burton Movie Collection + Book is only $25.99 SHIPPED!

CaptureOH MAN!!! I’m so excited about this Amazon deal!

I’m a HUGE Tim Burton fan. I LOVED the Corpse Bride!

If you head over to Amazon, you can snag a Tim Burton Movie Collection on Blu-Ray for $25.99 SHIPPED!!

This collection includes; Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (1985) Beetlejuice (1988) Batman (1989) Batman Returns (1992) Mars Attacks! (1996) Corpse Bride (2005) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005).

You’ll also receive a collectible hardcover book contains 64 pages of rare, never-before-seen photos and illustrations!

Remember, Amazon prices change frequently. Always be sure to double-check the price before you buy.

3 Pack: Fleece Lined Leggings $14.99!

CaptureI love today’s Tanga deal!

Cold weather is on its way and I don’t want to give up my leggings. That’s why I’m falling for these Fleece Lined pairs.

I just bought two pairs at Walgreens for $12 so I wish I had seen this sale before that!

Right now, you can get a 3 Pack: Fleece Lined Legging for $14.99!

There is a small shipping fee of $2.99.


This 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex material is very stretchy in nature, but what makes it great is the brushed interior. The brushed interior is super soft and very warm. It is opaque enough to be worn by itself as pants when pairing with tunic shirt. And it is absolutely okay if you don’t feel like taking it off after the whole day and continue wearing as PJs or long johns.

You do have a few color set options to choose from as well.

Enjoy the City: Intermountain and Ultimate Edition Coupon Books Buy 5 Get 5x FREE (25 books)+ MORE!

CaptureCoupon fans, we have a HOT deal to share with you!

Enjoy the City, the producer of one of the best coupon books available is having a HUGE promotion!

As a couponer, you know that a coupon is money. Every time you use one, your keeping more of your hard earned cash in your pocket. Naturally, we want to get our hands on, and use, as many as coupons as possible.

Now, you don’t have to go to extremes to get your coupons. Enjoy the City completely understands our need for more!

Right now, if you buy 5 or more Intermountain Coupon Books, you’ll get 5x More FREE!

That’s 25 books for $60 (only $2.40 each)!

Enjoy the City understand that sometimes even THAT isn’t enough so they’re also having a Buy 10, Get 15x the Books FREE promotion!! Whoohoo!!

That’s 150 iEditions for $.80 a book!

Shipping is FREE on BOTH deals! (Go ahead. Do a happy dance! No one is looking 😉 )

You will save on major retailers like Albertsons, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Regal Cinemas, Buca di Beppo, Papa John’s, Avis, and Hertz!

These coupons do not expire until December of 2014!

Now, here’s how to get the deal:

Visit Enjoy the City.

Click “Buy an Online Promo Book”.

Choose your iEdition Book (yes, these are all part of the promo)

Add your product to the cart and enter the code Discountqueens to get your savings!

*NOTE: Only the books you pay for will show up on your confirmation/receipt. Your bonus books will be fulfilled in the international redemption center.

Fine print:
There is an order minimum of 5 books to get this promotion and it will cap at 15. Coupons may not be copied and you may not resell these books (no fundraisers and no e-commerce with these, guys!). Shipping will take 4-6 weeks.

There is LOTS of money to be saved with these coupon books! Hurry and get yours before this promotion disappears!

Over 200 FREE Pumpkin Stencils for Halloween!

CaptureThis is the first time I’m happy to say, I haven’t carved my pumpkin yet!

Better Homes and Gardens is sharing Over 200 FREE Pumpkin Carving Stencils!

This is so cool!

They have everything from scary creatures and silly faces to dog and cat breeds!

You do not have to have a magazine subscription to access these templates.

Groupon: Safety 1st Boost Air Booster Car Seat $59.99 SHIPPED!

CaptureParents, we found a HOT deal for you!!

If you head over to Groupon right now, you can snag a Safety 1st Boost Air Booster Car Seat for $59.99 SHIPPED!

These are even cheaper than Amazon!

Features Include:

  • Belt-positioning booster
  • Ideal for kids 30-100 lbs and 34-57” tall
  • Converts to backless booster
  • Air Protect side-impact protection
  • Shields kids’ heads and reduces side impact by releasing air
  • Adjustable head rest
  • Adjustable cup holders
  • Dimensions: 24.25″x19″x11″

You do have the option to choose between the Olive or Pink seat.

Amazon: Apple and Potato Peeler, Corer, and Slicer $15.99!

CaptureIt’s apple season! If you have a ton of them too, this little kitchen gadget may come in handy!

Right now, you can get an Apple and Potato Peeler, Corer, and Slicer for $15.99!

This is normally $39.99 so you’re getting a steal!

Shipping is free for Prime Members (which you can try for free this month) and for purchases of $25+.

Amazon prices change quickly, so always be sure to double-check the price before you buy.

Kenneth Cole Sunglasses Closeout!! Prices Start at $15.99!

CaptureJust because the summer is over doesn’t mean the sun is going to stop shinning!

If you’re looking for a pair of shades, you might want to visit Tanga.

They’re having a Kenneth Cole Sunglasses Closeout Sale!

Prices start at just $15.99!

You’ll have to go soon though. Certain styles are already sold out.

How to Clean Your Deep Fryer.

I have a love hate relationship with my deep fryer. I love the yummy goodies that come frying out of it but I hate the crusty mess that the old oil leaves behind. I guess I learned to ignore it because I didn’t see how bad it was until I heard my other half mutter “maybe we should get a new one of these”. When I turned around, I saw that he was staring into the deep dark depths that is my deep fryer. So, I knew it was time to take matters into my own hands and get this mess cleaned up. It wasn’t very hard to do but it WAS time consuming…you’ve been warned. How to Clean Your Deep Fryer Here’s what you’re going to need:

  • Oil (vegetable, olive, peanut…it doesn’t really matter)
  • Baking Soda
  • Dawn or other soap that’s tough enough to eat away grease
  • Plastic Scrubbing Brush
  • Wash Cloth
  • Paper towels or Cotton Balls
  • Water

The first thing you want to do is dispose of your old oil. Once it’s cleared out, we can get to the nitty-gritty. Unplug your appliance and be sure NOTHING is hot. You may just want to wait to do this on a day that it’s not in use; better safe than sorry. Next, make like a mechanic and pull your appliance apart. Remove the basket, the lid, the filters, the coil, and the oil tub. If you cannot pull your oil tub out, go ahead and skip this part (I’ll cover cleaning this further in the post). Use a paper towel to remove any remaining oil from the bottom of the oil tub. IMG_9532Now, place all the removable parts (except for the coil) into a sink full of hot soapy water. Let it soak for at least 30 minutes. IMG_9515Lets move on to cleaning the outside of the fryer while the parts are sitting in the sink…. Coat a cotton ball or the corner of a paper towel in oil, then dip it into a bit of baking soda. Now, gently rub the mixture onto the outside of the fryer. This ingredient combination works well to remove stubborn oil splatter. IMG_9527Once the outside of the fryer is completely covered in your mixture, use a kitchen towel soaked in the hottest water you can stand, to remove the oil/baking soda combination. You may need to use a bit of elbow grease here to get the really stubborn stuff off. IMG_9530Set it aside and go back to the soaking parts in the sink… Use a plastic scrubber and lots of elbow grease to scrub the really stuck on oil off your appliance parts. IMG_9534If it doesn’t all come off the first time (mine didn’t) go ahead and drain the water and put fresh hot water and soap into your sink. Then, let your appliance parts sit in the mixture overnight. In the morning, do a second scrubbing to remove the remaining oil. If I had an extra toothbrush laying around, I would have used it to get into the corners and crevices of the lid but I didn’t, so I skipped that part. 😉 Once clean, set aside to dry.IMG_9535Now, if you’re one of the folks that has an oil tub that cannot be removed, this is where you’re going to jump in. For everyone else, this is where we’re going to clean the coils. Place the oil tub back into the frame of the fryer and attach the coil. Next, add water to the oil tub up to the fill line and add a few drops of Dawn. Plug in and turn on your fryer and allow the water to boil. IMG_9541*DO NOT leave the appliance unattended! The soapy water WILL boil over if the appliance isn’t turned off before the water overheats. Once the soapy water begins to foam up, turn the appliance off and allow the water to cool completely. Now, unplug your appliance again and remove the coil. You will see that most of the stuck on oil was “melted off”. IMG_9544Run a cloth along the coil to remove any soapy residue and allow it to sit and air dry. *Back to our readers with an fixed oil tub, you may need to repeat this step a few times. Be sure to wipe the inside of the tub clean after each round. You’ll eventually wind up with a crud free oil tub. Dump the water and rinse the oil reserve until there are no more suds. Replace all the parts and fill with clean oil. IMG_9548That’s it! After all this, you should have a squeaky clean deep fryer. Yes, this was a pain in the you know what but it’s less painful than having to buy a new appliance. 😉 Thanks for reading! Please remember to like, share, tweet, and pin this post.

Spirit Halloween Store: Save 25% off One Item!

CaptureWe’re getting super close the Halloween now! It’s time to scramble to get a costume! If you’re a procrastinator, you’re in luck. We have a coupon to share with you!

Get 25% off One Item at Spirit Halloween!

Print your coupon and go find something already. 😉

Zulily: Make Your Own Baby Food Collection from $5.99!!

CaptureParents, you don’t always know what comes in store bought baby food but you can ease these worries by making your own! Luckily, it isn’t very hard to do with the right tools.

If you want to try making your own or are already doing it, you’ll definitely want to head over to Zulily today!

There’s a Make Your Own Baby Food Collection Sale going on!

Prices start at just $5.99.

You can find everything from reusable pouches to food mills and presses!

At these prices, you can certainly afford to DIY!