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Here’s a new survey company that makes it SUPER EASY to make some extra money from home! iGlobal Surveys will credit your account immediately upon completing a survey and pay you through PayPal, making it quick and easy to get YOUR cash in YOUR hands.

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Here’s A Guide To Saving Money, Eating Healthier & Growing Your Own Food

veggiesSpring has sprung and the time has come for you to grow your own food. Isn’t it about time to give it a try if you haven’t? With spring right around the corner, you want to make sure that your garden is prepared for planting fresh vegetables. With the increase in chemically processed food reproductions, many people are trying to find new ways to make their food sources healthier. As a matter of fact, there has been an increase in the number of people that are rediscovering the wonders of growing their own food.

There has been a growing alarm when it comes to GMO processed fruits and vegetables, a lot of food producers are not disclosing how they process their food. Information about processed food is omitted with regards to certain levels of safety. For this reason a lot of environmentalists are recommending people learn how to grow their own food. Why? Because it is a lot safer and healthier than processed food products which have to be preserves and shipped to various destinations across the globe. Take a closer look at the benefits of growing organic food.

 Benefits of Growing Organic Food

backyard-vegetable-gardenGrowing organic foods has a variety of benefits. Some include health purposes, safety for the environment and economical reasons. Details are as follows:

Fresh Tasting – Raise your hand if you know that fresh fruits and veggies always taste the best; especially if it comes straight from the garden. Think about it. When you go to the grocery store to buy fruits or vegetables, have you noticed that most of the produce is partially rotten? Usually the produce is boxed without the proper insulation and shipped from other states. By the time produce reaches the stores, it is not fresh and has already started the decaying process. When this happens, customers usually walk away and choose better products somewhere else. Store bought fruits and vegetables compared to growing your own produce have NO comparison. Freshly grown produce is always #1! Why? Well, these fruits and vegetables can be planted, grown and stored conveniently in one location without the worries of shipping the products elsewhere. Families everywhere are using these natural methods to keep their children healthier by providing fresh tasting produce that is safe without chemicals. It is a win-win organic specialty!

Keeping It Healthy Without Chemicals – Some (not all) farmers and food producers are adding large amounts of pesticides and chemicals to food sources to help triple the amount of food being harvested. On the other hand, some smaller farms will grow their crops naturally. They also believe in the safety of their family eating habits as well as employees that are given fruits and veggies to take home and customers who purchase their crops at local markets or stores. People who grow their own food would have a better chance of understanding what went inside their produce, they would be able to control the amount of pesticides or they can also choose to grow the food in an organic manner. People who grow their own food can use manure or compost to feed the soil and the plants. In doing so, they avoid using synthetic sprays that disrupt the normal flow of life with insects and birds that live in the area. Organic growers provide less destruction to the environment; they get to grow vegetables and fruits the safe way, by using environmentally generated plant killing compounds to rotate the crops and to manage the weeds.

Economical Enhancements – Growing your own food can mean saving more money. It takes so much to produce and put food in the market nowadays, but by growing your own food you can avoid the high cost of products. There is no need to pay extra for the packaging and a person can avoid the additional burden of taxes provided by the state. Also a good sized garden can easily provide enough food for you and your family for up to a full year, saving you a ton of $$ on your grocery bill!! You can just pick up a simple canning kit at Amazon to bottle up your fruits and veggies and add them to your food storage.

mason-canning-jarsOverall, organic food growing is not as difficult as you may think. The internet is littered with thousands of step-by-step instructional guides. But with so many to choose from it’s pretty hard to tell which guide is right for you if you are just starting. If you are interested in growing your own food this summer, then a great beginner’s guide we recommend is at www.food4wealth.com. This site not only provides you with the proper guidelines and methods needed to harvest your own green food in your own private garden. It also teaches about which products to grow throughout various seasons. By utilizing the information taught, your garden will have a successful productive outcome. HAPPY GROWING!!

TLC’s Casting Call For Extreme Cheapskates!!


TLC is reaching out to the nations CHEAPSKATES!

Are you the thriftiest person you know? Will you go to ANY lengths to save a buck? Do you drive your friends and family crazy with your penny-pinching ways?

TLC is currently casting its third season of the hit show Extreme Cheapskates and is seeking singles, couples and families who love and celebrate the cheap life. If interested, please send the following information to [email protected]:

-Email address
-A few paragraphs about your lifestyle and the most creative ways you save money

MyHabit Deals!

MyHabit.com is featuring some great deals right now!

dinosetTolo Dinosaur Play Set ONLY $35 (Reg. $95)

pull-toyP’Kolino Frolicking Pull Toy ONLY $11 (Reg. $25)

toeshoesKids Fila Skele-Toes EZ Slide Shoe ONLY $19 (Reg. $55)

slip-onWomen’s Patagonia Naked Maui Slip-On ONLY $49 (Reg. $85)

Best thing about all of these deals is SHIPPING IS FREE! Shipping is FREE on all orders so you’ll be paying the exact price for the products that is labeled and no GIANT additional shipping charge like a lot of other daily deal sites!

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Alabama Or Notre Dame Caps ONLY $7


These caps regularly run for $25 so you’ll be getting a 71% discount!

Shipping costs are ONLY $2 putting your total at $9.

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Koshi Vegan Leather Crocodile Clutch ONLY $9!!


Here’s another great deal from MamaSource!

Pay ONLY $9 for a Koshi Vegan Leather Crocodile Clutch (Reg. $50)! That’s 82% OFF!!

This stylish cellphone clutch, doubles as a wallet organizer for credit cards, IDs, cash, and other small items.

Offer ends March 1st!

Pay ONLY $35 & Get $75 Towards The Blues Jean Bar Premium Designer Denim


Here’s an awesome deal from MamaSource.com!

Pay only $35 and you’ll get a $75 value towards any full-priced denim!

This offer ends 2/28

Segolene Paris Woven Handbag ONLY $49 (Reg. $139)


Another great Handbag deal at HauteLook!

You can get a Segolene Paris Woven Handbag for ONLY $49!

These regularly run for $139 so that’s a 65% discount. To view this deal just get signed up for HautLook.com.

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Zenoobi.com ~ Amazing Products For Your Children


Being father to a beautiful two year old little girl is not without its difficulties, which include keeping up with the clothing demands that each little growth spurt merits and keeping your eager, foolhardy little adventurer safe and secure in your home environment. It can be difficult trying to offset cautious spending in the current economic climate against giving your baby the best start in life. When it comes to my little girl, I am more than happy to spend a little extra if I know I am buying a quality product that is both durable and safe.

I can only describe my stumbling across Zenoobi.com as a happy accident. My wife and I are in the midst of planning for our second child and as such are looking to convert our third bedroom into a nursery. This means sourcing furniture and fittings that will be suitable for an infant’s room. It can be surprisingly difficult when looking within mainstream stores to source products suitable for your child. Zenoobi.com has been an absolute Godsend in regards to providing me with an array of options for our new nursery whilst completely taken away the worry of whether or not the products pose any sort of threat or danger to our potential new addition to the clan. I was particularly enamored by the Empire Rocker. It looks great, especially considering that the upholstery has been made entirely by hand. My wife on the other hand preferred the wooden Manny and Simon Dino Rocker. Although smaller and simpler the Manny and Simon Dino Rocker, still in itself is perfect to traditional notions of how a nursey should look.


My wife and I have been so impressed by the bedding and bath products on the website that we have decided to use Zenoobi.com exclusively in our quest to creating our dream nursery. Unlike many other retailers and outlets, Zenoobi are a genuine eco-friendly company selling quality eco-friendly products. Whilst I have always been skeptical about many companies that claim to be truly organic, providing a truly organic and eco-friendly service seems to be at the very heart of zenoobi.com’s ethos. Furthermore, the blog on the site is absolutely fantastic and has served to educate my wife and I when navigating the site.

Moving on to the products themselves, they are simply gorgeous. The toys are almost reminiscent of a bygone era yet the wooden toys are beautifully made and not without a traditional charm, meaning that they will not be out of place in a modern home. Personally I’ve always felt a little uneasy with my children having a toy box full of mainstream brands and generic playthings. The main thing with Zenoobi.com is that the products they offer are genuinely unique in an age where so many new fads and toys lack character. I found myself particularly drawn to the Handmade Wooden Helicopter. It’s simplicity does not belie the aesthetic qualities that these toys possess, nor does it belie the faultless craftsmanship.


The nursery furniture that I have found on the website has been exactly what my wife and I are looking for. Like the toys, these eco-friendly products are traditional yet built for purpose. For me the products and the ethos prevalent in their origins is exactly what I want my nursery to reflect when it has been completed. It is not always easy getting the balance between price and quality but I am more than happy to pay a little extra for products that are so clearly expertly crafted. I genuinely feel my child’s welfare has been the main consideration and that is rare in the world we live in.

Hello Kitty & Paul Frank Swimwear ONLY $19


Another great deal on HauteLook.com!

Hello Kitty & Paul Frank Swimwear ONLY $19

This offer ends Monday 2/25

Amrita Singh Mira Quilted Handbag $35


TODAY ONLY you can get an amazing deal on a Amrita Singh Mira Quilted Handbag for only $35.

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20% OFF K-Light Solar Lantern Kits


With record snow storms hitting cities all around the country this week. It’s best to be prepared then not.

Right now you can get yourself a K-Light Solar Lantern-Starter Kit for $54.95. However if you use Coupon Code: CJ20OFF you’ll get an additional 20% OFF putting your total at $43.96!

Not bad for such a high tech little gadget that could prove very useful during any type of power outage.