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Basil Tortellini Soup

Basil-Tortellini SOup

A quick and easy, less than 20 minutes to make, soup.  Perfect for a cool Fall day!  It is almost more like a pasta dish with a light broth, when you add all the extra veggies, meat and such.  Sooo tasty!!  We like ours with a nice warm crusty bread.

Serves 4-6 for about $1.50/serving


IMG_1709 (580x390)

4 cups chicken broth – ($0.96)

1 pkg. uncooked, cheese tortellini – ($2.98)

1 Kielbasa sausage, sliced in coins – ($2.48)

1 (15 oz) can cannelloni beans, drained – ($0.68)

1 cup chopped tomato, or 1 can diced tomatoes – ($0.98)

Optional: diced zucchini, sliced carrots, kale…anything you like in your soup!  If you add carrots, you may want to put them in the broth when you are heating it to a boil, and slice them thin in order for them to cook through.

Optional: Spinach flakes…I put them in almost everything!

1/2 cup fresh basil, shredded – ($0.46)

1/4 tsp. salt

1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese

1/2 tsp. fresh ground black pepper


IMG_1711 (580x387)

Bring broth, spinach flakes (any other fresh veggies you plan to add) and canned tomatoes with juice, to a boil in a large soup pot.

IMG_1713 (580x387)

Add tortellini and cook as directed on package.

IMG_1714 (580x387)

Stir in beans, and sausage.  Reduce heat and simmer 5 minutes, or until heated through.

IMG_1716 (580x387)

Remove from heat and stir in basil, cheese, salt and pepper.  Serve immediately.