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Black Diamond Cleaning System

I have to be honest, I hate mopping. Its like a workout that never ends at my house! I have hard wood throughout – even in the bedrooms! AND to make matters worse, I have a toddler. And I live in a dusty neighborhood! In a nutshell – my floors never look clean. So I recently tried out this amazing cleaning system, and thought I would share my results with all of you! I know many of you are swiffer fans as I used to be- and I thought this might be a good find to pass on to you. A REALLY GOOD FIND ACTUALLY!

The cost of replacing disposable mop pads can get to be a bit much when you go through them as often as I do. I hate all the waste of throwing away pad after pad (sometimes 5 a day if I do my whole house!) And my bigger mop I use for ‘tougher jobs’ just gets on my nerves because its HARD to push around and it drips cleaner/water everywhere!

So imagine my excitement when I found out there was a cleaning system out there that had REUSABLE mop heads! And a cleaning solution that was – like MAGIC! Im being honest here, Im really in love with this new system!

These mop heads clean better, can be used hundreds of times, are washer/dryer safe, and can fit ANY of the following cleaning systems: Clorox®, Ready Mop®, Swiffer®, Wet Jet®, Sweeper® or any Mop Heads sized 5” x 11” or smaller. How great is that??? The kit includes the mop handle though, so you can get everything you need to get started for one LOW price!

The best part? You can grab one online for just $24.95. I easily waste that on disposable refills every few months along with cleaners that dont clean very well!. Imagine the savings! AND WOULDNT YOU KNOW IT? HERE IS A $2 OFF COUPON! AND FREE SHIPPING IS INCLUDED for a limited time! Even better! The whole reusable mop system with wow cleaner for only$22.95!!! Delivered right to your door.

So I put this Black Diamond WOW kit to the ultimate test. And here is what I found:
1. Assembly was easy
2. The mop head was superior to any disposable one I have ever tried. It was easy to push around and the friction from the cloth got my floor super clean and shiny! I didnt get my usual bicep workout ‘scrubbing’ whilst mopping! It was great.
3. The handle was nice and long!I think I have long arms, so this was nice 🙂 (51″)
4. The shine. I have granite tile floors in the kitchen and they honestly looked BRAND NEW!
5. My husband was extra pleased that I had turned domestic all in one afternoon because of this new mop! He thought I had slaved to scrub and shine up the whole house…little did he know it only took me 20 minutes to do the up and downstairs 🙂

Tamra tried it as well and loved it! Here are some pics of the mop and how her floor looked after: