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Burlap Winter Wreath

Winter Wreath
Before the Christmas Holiday I helped a friend make a burlap wreath and was hooked.
I wanted to make one for myself to have on the door for the winter.

I hit Michael’s for most of the supplies {after Christmas clearance and coupons!}
Here is what you will need:

DSC_0066~ One wreath frame
~ Burlap I wanted a tight looking wreath so I went with {2} rolls of burlap
~ Embellishments to add to the wreath

Here is how to assemble your wreath:
First take and roll out your burlap.  I put the two ends together, folding it in half.  I then took and folded it in half again and cut.
I got 4 strips out of one roll.

Now here comes the fun! 😀

Take and fold one end of the strips in half, just the end.
Loop it through the wire frame as shown below…

DSC_0069After that take the bottom part of the burlap {the part just under the frame} and fold it up and into the first gap on the outside of the frame.
Sorry I was working alone and couldn’t hold the camera and do this step at the same time 😉

Pull the burlap only part way through the frame opening then move on to the next slot.  I kept smashing my burlap to make a tight looking wreath.
Just keep pulling part of the burlap through the slots until you have run out of your strip.  You can adjust the loops to open up big or keep them small.
Just play around with the burlap.
Once you have used up one strip move on to the next starting the same way you did before {in the picture above}

After all the burlap is around our frame and how you want it to look you can start adding your embellishments.
I started first with the “string” of crystals.
I then added the glitter snowflake ornaments
I painted my Let it Snow sign white and just placed it on.

As you can see I didn’t use the white berry sprigs or the white glitter sprays.  I am still in design mode, I think it needs something more but just can’t put my finger on what.  Maybe have the Let it Snow sign in the middle of the wreath and add my berries and glitter sprays.

Once you get the hang of doing the burlap it takes about 10 minutes {unless you are like me and over analyze if it looks good and watch an episode of your favorite show at the same time 😉 }

I would love to see what you have been crafting!

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