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Canvas Photos

I have always loved the look of Canvas photos but never the price.
I was wanting to make some of my own since I had an overabundance of canvas from a deal last year at Micheal’s.
I just wasn’t sure how I was going to get that canvas look so I put it off.
I finally just went for it, and I am sooo glad I did! 😀

Here is what you need:
~ Canvas of your choice of size.
~ Picture you are wanting to use.
~Vinyl wall applicator or credit card
~ Mod podge or clear wood glue
~Paint brush or sponge brush
~Extra canvas in the same size or roller brush

You need a canvas 2 inches smaller than your photo
I had 8×8 canvases so I ordered 10×10 photos.  So just start with your canvas and add 2 inches for your photo.

Now lets get gluing!


Take your canvas and apply your adhesive to the top of it in an even layer.
I had mod podge already on had so I just used some of that.

Next place the canvas over your photo (glue side down) so the picture is where you want it (center).

Starting in the center of the canvas take the vinyl applicator and press it to the ends of the canvas, getting under the wood as best you can.
This helps remove any air bubbles.
Let it dry.  I placed some of my kids heavy books on top and gave it about 20 minutes.

Once its dry you are going to crease the photo on the sides of the canvas.
This is going to give you a guide as to where to cut so you can wrap the photo around the canvas.

After you crease you can go around and cut the sides you will be wrapping around.
I just rotated my picture as I went.  If you get confused just fold up the side you are working on and you will be able to see where you need to cut.

After you have cut, fold your “wrap” piece to the canvas.  This piece needs to sit flush with the canvas on the top.
See the extra cut out in the top picture.  The one that looks like a 7

This is what your “wrap” piece should look like  when it is flush with the top and you have cut our your extra
Working with one side at a time, add some mod podge to the canvas and stick the wrap piece in place then pull up that side of the photo over the side.
Starting from the middle of the side you are working make sure the canvas is tight and place a staple in the middle.
I recommend a heavy duty stapler, I was using a mini school one and had to redo some of my staples 😉

Continue stapling the whole side down, making sure your canvas is tight.
Continue the process all the way around the canvas, one side at a time.
Once you are done you are ready to add your Canvas texture!

Most of the DIY Canvas photos I was seeing were telling you to use texture cream.  I didn’t see any at my local craft store so I just got the mod podge.
Cover your canvas (yes the side with the nice cute picture) in mod podge.  I used matte finish.
Make sure you have enough to cover the photo, and don’t worry this stuff dries clear 🙂
Once you have a good coat on it grab your extra canvas, of the same size and place it on top of the photo.
Press down a little harder on the wood frame sides then pull up.
If you don’t have an extra canvas you can use a roller to roll it on to give you the same texture.
I was going to do it that way but when I went to look for my supplies I had a roller head and no handle

Once you take off the canvas it should have the look of canvas.
If when you pull up and it looks like a smeared mess you have to much mod podge on there, just redo it.
The canvas I used was pretty much toast after, meaning the extra mod podge dried on it but that was alright I am covering most of it with paint and a different project.
Place your photo out of the way and let it dry, for a really long time.
I added the picture hooks to the back of mine.

They now hang in my kids bathroom above the toilet.  😀

Check out Amazon for some great Canvas Prices!!
I love ordering pictures from Walgreens!


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  1. Great photos and good post ! I enjoyed reading your post! As you have mentioned the prices for canvas i would like to share one website ( http://www.canvaschamp.com ) to look over and i am sure you will be surprise by their pricing….

    Waiting for next posts


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