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Coupon With Me: My Coupon Binder (No Clipping)!

Join me each week as I set out to increase my own stockpile. I’ll be blogging each week and documenting my experience shopping with coupons and learning new methods. If you are new, wanting a coupon buddy, or just looking for a few extra tips – this series is for you! New to the Coupon With Me series? See my first two post HERE.

Well, so far so good. My New Year’s Resolution is moving right along! I got my first set of Sunday coupon inserts today and organized them in my new binder using a new method of NO CLIPPING. Hooray! Clipping each coupon is an awesome way to organize and use coupons, but for me, I’m trying a new method. I created a video (yikes – don’t laugh, I could barely keep a straight face while my husband taped me :)) to help explain my new process. Many of you have probably seen a similar method, it’s sort of a compilation of a few different ways I have organized in the past. If you can’t see the video, head over HERE.

Here are the basics:

  • In this new method, I use sheet protectors to hold my inserts and organize by date. Each sheet protector holds one complete insert with each page collated and stapled. On the cover sheet of each insert I write the date the insert arrives and the expiration date of the longest lived coupon. The date helps me to keep each insert organized and the expiration date let’s me know when to throw out the entire insert.
  • I use inexpensive Post-It tab labels the weekly set of each insert within the binder.
  • I also keep a master list of all individual coupons with their insert type and date in which it’s found. This helps me locate specific coupons within the binder. You can find master lists all over the web. Because I’m just starting this method this week I just needed the list of coupons found in the 1/8 inserts. I used Taylor Town Preview for this. PinchingYourPennies and Fabulessly Frugal also have great master list options.
  • I three hole punch entire sheets of internet printables and file them all under a section titled “Internet Printables.”
  • Target Store Printables have their own section and are also three hole punched (no clipping!).
  • A few baseball card holders are kept in the front of the binder to organize random coupons that may have been clipped and not used, blinky coupons, and coupons that I know I want to use in the short term.
  • A binder pencil pouch holds a few useful items: tabs, scissors, preferred cards, calculator, marker or pen.
  • I use paper clips (or bobby pins) to keep inserts from sliding out of the sheet protectors.



  1. I really want to try this method — because clipping does take A LOT of time!

    PS – i hope you grabbed that Walmart insert yesterday with all the diaper coupons! 🙂

  2. So then when you are shopping and you want to use a coupon you clip it in the store?

  3. Sandy Orozco says:

    So where do you get the print out of the coupons that are in a certian insert? Do you typr this up yourself?

  4. How do you create your coupon Master List? Do you type it all out yourself? That seems a bit time consuming.

  5. love this idea I will give this a try because it will be alot easier to get rid of expired coupons. I have page protectors that have a tab to close it at the top this would probably prevent them from falling out.

    Thanks for all your hard work I love your site. The video was nice to put a face to the name.

    Thanks again

    Kim from Canada

  6. Do you type up the list of the coupons from the inserts? Also, do you do the same with the printables list?



  7. love this Tamra! I may try this as well as I get tired of clipping tons of coupons that I don’t end up using. But I’m curious too how you got your Master list. Did you type it up yourself?

  8. Sorry – I forgot to explain the master list part! You can find master lists all over the web. Some examples: TaylorTownPreview.com http://www.pinchingyourpennies.com/coupon-lists/ and http://fabulesslyfrugal.com/coupon-insert-lists.

    I only printed the weekly coupon master list, since that’s the only list I needed. Moving forward I’ll likely print a weekly list and keep it in front of each week. Eventually I’d like a complete master list in the front of the binder. Since this list gets really long, I’ll probably keep weekly ones and update the master only every few weeks.

  9. Wendy Henning says:

    I love this idea, the only thing that I have found with trying it is that there isn’t a binder big enough once you build up your inserts. I currently use a soft sided cooler for my inserts as it is mobile and big enough. I think if I would clip and file all inserts after they were 2 or 3 months old I could get them to fit in a binder.

    Also the paperclip idea is GREAT as I had issues with heavy pages also.

    Here is a link for someone who does a printable database and I just print it and keep it in my binder each week.
    http://projects.newsobserver.com/taking_stock, just click on view full page and print.

    • Thanks Wendy! Have you checked Staples or an Office Supply store? I’ve seen 5 inch binders that extend to 7 inches when needed. Huge, but still portable. If I ever run into a cooler toting coupon lady – I’ll know it’s you :). That’s awesome!

  10. Instead of using paperclips so your inserts don’t fall out, try this. I use about a one inch piece of sticky back Velcro. super cheap and works SO great. If you can’t find the sticky back kind. Hot Glue will work too.

  11. Pat Hargrave says:

    I clicked on your information about the great buys at amazon for the pro 8 100 sheets and they came up at $15.45 instead of $7.49 that you posted.I clicked directly on your link and did not get this cheap price. Just thought you should revise your post . Pat


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