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Coupon With Me Series: Get Ready to Coupon in 2 Steps

All right guys! I’m officially starting my New Years Resolution and re-committing myself to my old couponing ways. After slowing down this past year to focus on other aspects of my life (don’t worry – I still was using coupons :)), I’m ready to dive back in to couponing with a newspaper subscription and weekly shopping strips. I knew I needed to change my ways when my poor husband actually bought Cinnamon Toast crunch at retail cost last month. Granted, he used a peelie coupon :), it was still WAY more than I had sworn to pay for cereal.

If you’re a newbie and trying to get started, feel free to follow me during this adventure. I will be starting from step one and building a stockpile. I’ll try and post my shopping plans once a week to help any of those wanting to join in. We can build a stockpile of foods and non-perishables together!

So here’s the plan for getting ready:

Step 1: Subscribe to a newspaper. Yes, this  is a big deal for me. I’ve been using a coupon clipping service to do one or two big deals a month for about a year. This is a GREAT method and has helped me maintain a modest stockpile of sorts. I recommend this method to anyone that is super busy or just wants to “dabble” in coupon use. Read about it HERE. Having said that, I’m ready to re-build my stockpile and add more diversity, and to do that I want to use a subscription.

I called my local newspaper (The Idaho Statesman) and purchased a 13 week subscription which included 1 daily + 5 Sunday and Holidays papers per week. Mine cost just under $45, which works out to be about $3.40 per week (or less than $.70 per Sunday). Sundays sell for $1.50 – $2 in my area, so this is a decent deal and it’s delivered to my door. You can order more or less, depending on your needs. Be sure to call you local paper and ask for any “coupon” specials. Most larger newspapers offer specials when ordering more than one copy.

Step 2: Get ready to ORGANIZE!  Organizing your coupons is the most crucial aspect of couponing. Without a working organization method you will fail!! You can read about different organization methods in our Couponing 101 e-Book (see right side more for a free copy). I’m officially ditching my clip every coupon and organize in baseball card holders binder ways. I never thought I would abandon this method, but I’ve got 2 boys with growing sports and school schedules and a six week old baby (that want to be held ALL DAY!!!). So… like I always say, I’m trying to make couponing work for my life, instead of being my life.

I’m going to try out a no-clip method. I plan to collate each insert (these are little packets within the newspaper full of coupons), staple each like paper together and file them into sheet protectors based on date and source. I’ll have more on this once my subscription arrives. If you want to follow me these are the things you will need:

  • A large binder – 3″ at least. Some prefer zippered binders and I agree they are great. I use plastic ones, mostly because I’m cheap :). I keep my binder in a reusable shopping bag tote, again, mostly because I’m cheap!
  • Sheet protectors, about 30 to start. I bought a bunch for cheap during the back to school sales – because I’m a weirdo and love buying school/office supplies.
  • Extras: A zippered pencil bag. I keep a small pair of scissors and a calculator in this bag. I also tend to keep a few of my preferred store savings cards in here as well – so I don’t have to dig through my wallet or type my number in over and over again during multiple transactions. You may also want a small purse size file holder. I use these for internet printable coupons and for organizing pre-planned shopping trips. You can find these at the dollar store:


  1. Thanks for this blog. I will be following along with you in the coming weeks. Thanks for the subscription advice, I am definitely going to call the newspaper to see if I increase the number of my Sunday papers for a reasonable price.

    I have been ordering extra coupons through a coupon clipping service and it takes a couple of days from when the coupons are in to when I can order and receive them in the mail. As you know that is valuable time.

    I can’t wait until your next blog!

  2. I will be following you as well!

  3. Hi, Discount Queens ! Happy New Year . I love the resolution you have and I would love to be coupon buddies . I watched your youtube video in the blog post , wrote down what I need to get so I will be ready this week . My one question is why do you get the newspaper daily ? I am going to follow your blog . I just started my blog a few months ago so I could use some people following mine as well . Thanks and I look forward to 2012 saving money with coupons and building my stockpile and some new friends :+) .