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Couponing Tips Continued… Start with baby steps (10 minutes a day)

Check out my first 2 tips HERE. (You’ll learn about how to start couponing by NOT geting  a newspaper subscription.)

Maybe you’re fooled by all the deals I post but between my 2 little boys, this blog, and every other project or service in my life, I have little time to spend shopping stores and clipping coupons. (Sound familiar? 🙂 ) I get out once, maybe twice a week to get a deal (or sometime I don’t go out at all!). I do NOT get every deal I post! Not even close! In fact, I don’t even always have a newspaper subscription. I still manage to save a ton of money. I still never pay more than $.25 – $.50 for hygiene items (hair care, deodorant, dental care, soap, etc..), I never pay more than $5 for a jumbo pack of diapers, (I average more like $2.50 per jumbo pack), and hanging out in my garage are cases of free toilet paper,about 60 bottles of detergent, maybe 40 boxes of cereal, and much more. I save money without putting in 10 hours a week and I can help you do this too!

I started my coupon adventure full force. I shopped like crazy. I would bring home hundreds of dollars of Albertsons groceries for 80% off retail, sometimes even more. I received 6 newspapers a week, plus a I had worked out a deal with a nice man that sold the papers to get even more inserts. I spent hours clipping and organizing my coupons and hours in the stores doing my transactions and searching for the “unadvertised” deals. I was 100% addicted and loved it! Then my life got busy and I got exhausted. I was over it, burned out, and moving on to something else (training for a 1/2 marathon!).  My stock pile started running low and I started shopping at Walmart and Winco… with out coupons! Yikes. I re-organized and now I’m somewhere in between my crazed savings state and my “I don’t care anymore” attitude. I’ve learned how to coupon the way that works for me. That means an hour or two a week – tops. If you have more time, great. If you have less time, that’s OK too. I can help you coupon according to your needs. Don’t be overwhelmed, don’t over do it. Start slow, start with baby steps! (Some of these reiterate my first 2 tips)

Step #1: Spend 10 minutes a day looking at the blogs (and by blogs I really mean Discount Queens – haha). We find all the good deals and tell you how and when to get them

Step #2: Find 1 deal you really want. If the deal includes newspaper insert coupons, you’ll need to pick a deal that will still have at least 5-7 days remaining.

Step #3: Get your coupons. Print them or order them. I use eBay (it’s not quite the same anymore but still good). There are a ton of other clipping services. Just google “coupon clipping service.” You can generally buy 20 coupons for $2-$3 shipped. They usually come in 4-5 days.

Step #4: Head to the store and get your product. If you’re product is sold out, get a rain check. If you can’t get a rain check, hold on to your coupons, chances are you still have a few weeks till expiration and another deal will come along.

On to my special tip for the day (read Tip #1 and Tip#2 here):

Tip #3 for Beginners: Start by saving the coupons you print or order in a small file organizer, like the one pictured ($.50 at Target right now in the $1 section). If you see a really great printable coupon for a product you love, print it and stick it in the folder. Keep the folder in your purse or car. This way if you happen to stop by Target you can grab that free toothpaste from the brand you love without having to drag a binder along or plan a separate trip.  Do NOT print every coupon you see! You’ll be up to your eyeballs in coupons and out of ink in two days. Don’t do that. Be selective with printing the coupons you know you’ll use or would like  to use, if you have time. Some printable coupons do not stay available for very long, so be conscience of that.

Example: Right now, I have some $1/2 Cheese and $1/1 Simply Orange printables hanging out in my file folder in my purse. If I make it to Walmart this week, I’ll pick up some orange juice. If I make it to Fred Meyer, I might pick up some cheese. If I don’t – I don’t care! That’s the beauty of it. It’s savings when I find time to save, if I find the time. I will however make it a point to stop by Rite Aid and stock up on J&J Baby products. I ordered coupons on eBay and pre-ordered my product last week. I may also stop by Walgreens for Pampers diapers if my coupons arrive (I bought 20 $2/1 for $3.44 today on eBay) and if the stores have the stock. If I can’t find any diapers, I’ll save my coupons (exp 3/31), and be sure to use a couple before they expire. If you stock up on one item a week, you’ll have an amazing stock of cheap to free items in no time!

Moving forward, each week I’ll try and post a list of the top 10 deals. This may make it easier for you to pick out 1 or two that you want to participate in. I’ll keep them simple and easy – no hassle deals. Let me know of any other suggestions or concerns you may have. I’ll continue to post more of my tips each week so stay tuned!


  1. christina says:

    What do you mean by pre-ordered your product? How does that work? Also, have you ever had to go back and do an even exchange b/c you grabbed the wrong size but same price product so the RR never printed? I did this with a 14.2 oz. Head and Shoulders instead of the advertised 23.7 oz. Do you think if I do the even exchange it will print the RR as long as I do it before the RR week is up?