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Del Sol; Color Changing Nail Polish for Summer? Heck Yes!


I think I’ve admitted it before but I have a HUGE nail polish addiction. As a matter of fact, I think I’m close to a 50 count. Why? Because I love changing it up! Well, I don’t have to do that anymore thanks to DelSol.com!!

 I discovered Del Sol a few weeks ago and fell in love with everything they have to offer! They have color changing EVERYTHING but nothing caught my eye like the color change nail art. I’ve heard of polish that changes with body heat which is great but since I’m cold 99% of the time, I never get to see the change. That’s why I love Del Sol so much! I get an instant manicure change every time I walk out into the sun. Just look at this…

photo(5)Here’s another look at the polishes I was lucky enough to get to try out…


 So, ladies, if you love being able to update your manicure as much as I do, Del Sol Polish is for you! You’re going to LOVE getting an instant nail polish change without having to do anything other than walk outside (or back in!)!

Hey, if nail polish isn’t your thing, that doesn’t mean Del Sol isn’t for you! Check them out anyway! They have color changing tops, sunglasses, hats, bracelets, rings, flip flops, and so much more!! Everything about Del Sol products scream summer fun!

As if Del Sol wasn’t awesome enough as is, they’re giving you the opportunity to save 10% off your purchase! All you have to do is “like” Del Sol’s Facebook page!

You’re going to love them! I promise!


  1. I also love Del Sol, my husband and I went on a cruise and one of the days I went shopping we went there to Del Sol, I bought a bunch of stuff and it was so cool that day because they had 50% off of the whole store so I bought my grandkids things about my niece’s, my husband got sunglasses which have a lifetime warranty. and he loves them,wears em everyday :)… I love cruises I will definitely go there again it was in St. Thomas V.I that’s one of our favorite places:)