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DIY Bead Bowl



It has been so hot here that we haven’t wanted to go outside to play, not even to play in the water.  I was trying to find something fun for us to do inside and came across a fun pin that I had all the stuff for!

My kids each made one and my daughter was excited to put her jewelry in hers.  This was so much fun we even did another variation the next day with cookie cutters.

Here is how you can make your very own Bead Bowls

What you will need:
1 bowl that you can put in the oven {I recently got a set that is oven safe, woohoo}
Vegetable Oil
Craft beads, plastic {I found mine at the thrift store ages ago}
Oven preheated to 200

First coat your bowl with the vegetable oil.  This helps the beads come off the bowl once out of the oven.
Start lining the bowl with the beads.  Its a little tricky with the oil on the bowl so you may have to help get them started.  After a few times my kids were good to go on their own.
Once you have it how they want it or how you like it put it in the oven.It was taking awhile for the beads to melt at 200 so after about 15 minutes I raised the temp to 250.  If you do this you will need to watch the beads, they start to melt pretty fast.
Ours started to bubble up from the bowl while in the oven.  I just took them out and pushed the bubbles out and let the bowl sit out of the oven.
After a few minutes I pulled the bead bowl from the dish and flipped it over, kind of like inside out.  That way the bowl would still hold it shape but also cool at the same time.
Let cool and let the kids enjoy their masterpiece!

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Happy Crafting! 😀