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DIY: Elf On The Shelf [On the Cheap]

I posted this last Christmas, but I just noticed the “real” Elf on the Shelf selling for a whopping $30 on Amazon – so I thought I would show some of you new readers how I do it for less!

I picked up an elf at Marshall’s (various, priced from $5 – $15) and wrote my own letter from Santa instead of using the book. If money is too tight to splurge on an elf you could use an “invisible elf” and just have a simple letter arrive from Santa explaining the game.

He arrives on our doorstep the day after thanksgiving in a glitter filled box and leaves with Santa Christmas Eve. He plays silly tricks (check out Pinterest for ideas on this) and writes them notes back and forth with the kids in his magic notebook each night. My kids love love love it

If you want to see the letter I wrote from Santa, just click “more” link below.

Dear (insert kids names),

Christmas is almost here and I’m so busy making toys for all the boys and girls, including some for each of you! Because your are both so special, I have sent you one of my favorite elves to stay with you until Christmas. He will help me watch over each of you and tell me if you’re being good or bad. If you’re good, I’ll bring presents on Christmas morning!

The elve’s name is Elfred and he only comes to life at night, when everyone is sleeping! He is very nice but can be mischievous and sometimes makes big messes when no one is looking! He is silly loves to write notes. You can use his special journal to ask him questions, and at night, he will write back and answer them!

You must be very careful with Elfred. You can NEVER touch him or play with him, only look at him. You’ll have to look carefully to find him in a new spot every morning! Do you think you can take care of him and help him clean his messes?

If you take very good care and follow these rules and be good boys, Elfred may even come back next Christmas!

Leave him on the Christmas tree on Christams Eve and I will take him back to the North Pole after I leave your presents!

Be good boys! Elfred is watching!

Santa Clause