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DIY Microwave Popcorn


My kids are big fans of popcorn, as am I!  We eat it at least 2-3 times a week…  The other day we had run out of the easy packaged microwave popcorn, so I turned to Pinterest to find a solution to our dilemma.  Duh!  Make it in a bowl, in the microwave!  How easy is that, and for SO much cheaper!!  I had some leftover popcorn kernels from back in October when I did these Fall Candle Holder’s.  So, I had everything on hand.  Even if you don’t, a bag of kernels is MUCH cheaper than a box of microwave popcorn!


IMG_5712 (700x467)

1/3 cup popcorn kernels

salt to taste

2 Tbsp. butter or Olive Oil


IMG_5715 (467x700)

Put all ingredients in a glass, microwave safe bowl with a lid.

IMG_5716 (700x467)

Cook on High for 3-5 minutes, depending on your microwave.  Much like store bought microwave popcorn, be sure to stay close by after a minute or so, so you can hear when the popping has begun to slow.

IMG_5718 (700x467)

The first time I made it, I took it out after about half of the kernels had popped as I was worried they might burn while the others were just beginning to pop.  When I made it again another day, I just set it to 5 minutes on 60% heat, and it all cooked up just fine.

NOTE: The bowl is SUPER hot when you take it out, so please use hot pads.  It will remain warm for some time, so please put out of reach of children, and serve in a separate bowl.