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DIY Regenerating Green Onions (Scallions)


I love being able to stretch things out, especially when on a tight budget.  Green onions are a great thing to do this with.  Even though they may be inexpensive to buy, you can stretch it to at least half the price when you regenerate your own!  I do this each time I purchase them, getting at least one more use out of them.  It only takes about a week for them to grow long enough for you to be able to use in your favorite recipes.

(Did you know you can do this with celery?  Check out Amber’s post on growing your own celery: http://wp.me/p3ISNE-jIy )

IMG_3846 (580x381) IMG_3848 (580x387)

When you buy them from the store, be sure to save the bottom 2 inches of them, where the white bulb is.  Place them in a cup of water, about halfway up.  Sit back, and watch them grow!!

IMG_3891 (386x580)


IMG_3954 (387x580) IMG_4005 (387x580)

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  1. I do this ALL the time! My green onions usually last close to 2 months. If I don’t use them before they get too long (some have been 18″ long), I’ll just trim them back to keep them going. I use a tall flower type vase since they do grow rather tall. You can also do this with the bottom part of a head of romaine lettuce! We have let the romaine get going (in a bowl with a little water) then planted it outside when the weather was good.

  2. GREAT idea, now if we could regenerate the white bulb part in a jar we would never buy these again!

  3. Isn’t it great!! Even if you can get just ONE more use out of them, it’s so easy, so worth it!!