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Doublers at Albertsons – Good New and Bad News

I was at Albertsons (Meridian/Fairview) tonight and I learned two new things.

The GOOD NEWS is: You can use up to 5 doublers per transaction. That’s right, the set that came out in the Wednesdays paper are numbered 1 & 2. The set that came out in the Sunday paper are 3, 4, & 5. I didn’t even ask to use all 5, but my nice cashier Karen just told me I could do it. I questioned her because it states that you can only use 3 per transaction, but they are allowing all 5!!!! That’s acutally GREAT news. Some blogs have said you can’t, but

The BAD NEWS is: You can no longer double a coupon that states “DO NOT DOUBLE.” This I DID question because it’s not like the manfacturer is giving back $2. (and I’ve never had a problem before.) They are giving back their total and then Albertsons is matching that, so it’s two separate entities. Anyhow, the manager on duty said he is going to call corporate and find out the reason behind this, so although I didn’t get an answer to my question, we may know shortly. Hang in there, we’ll let you know!

Go do some doubling! I got 9 Hershey’s syrup (my kids LOVE chocolate milk) and 2 mac and cheese for $8!

sorry, my formating is being crazy!!