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Dresser turned Toy Storage

toystorageRemember when I organized my kids book shelf and needed to tackle the toy catastrophe?
I finally found a dresser that didn’t cost me an arm and a leg!

Here is what it looked like before:

By the time I actually got around to it the toys were farther out onto the floor than this, no I am not proud to admit that! 😉

I had been hunting for a dresser that I could turn into toy storage but kept finding ones that were way to much for what I was going to do to it and what it was going to be used for.  I finally came across one at a great price, $35 thank you Craig’s List!

So here is what I did to the thing:
1. Remove all the drawers
2. Remove the old hardware from the drawers.
3.  Clean the whole entire thing, all surfaces.  Vacuum if needed.
4. Fix any loose nails, screws etc on the piece.
5. Apply a coat of Primer to every part you are going to paint.
~ depending on the kind of wood will depend on the kind of primer.  I was dealing with laminate, so I used a bonding primer.
6. Allow  primer to dry over night.
7. Apply another coat of primer if you are not happy with the coverage of the 1st.
8. Allow to dry over night.
~I did two coats on the main piece and on the front of the drawers.
9.  Paint over the primer in the color you have picked.
~ I had some free paint {white} leftover from last year’s Ace Hardware deal so I used that.
10. Let dry over night
11. Apply a second coat of paint if you are not happy with the 1st.
12.  Let dry
13. Paint the insides of the drawers.
~ this is totally optional, I wasn’t going to then added grey since I had so much left over from painting a wall in our master that color 🙂
~ I didn’t add primer to the insides of the drawers, fyi
14. Allow paint to dry
15. Add second coat to drawers if needed {I just did one coat}
16. Reattach the old hardware or your new found hardware
~ I bought singles since the length from each screw was not long enough for what was at my local hardware store
17. Move it into the house! 😀
~I am going to add labels on the drawers for the kids

Here she is, isn’t she a beauty!

DSC_0089Now don’t get me wrong, am I a pro?
Far from it!
Is it going to do what I need?
You betcha!
If it gets “ruined” abused or beat up will I care?
Nope because it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg! 😉

Total cost: $76

If you have any questions {since I got overzealous and didn’t do step by step photos} comment below and I will try and answer them the best that I can!

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