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Easy Cake Carrier


Every year for my kids Birthday’s I make them a cake {or a variation to a cake; cake pops, cupcakes} but dread trying to find a way to transport it anywhere.
Cupcakes are a breeze to transport and cake pops after trial and error are easy now too.
I don’t have a fancy cake tray with a lid so my normal go to, cut a circle out of cardboard , cover it in foil and pray that the cake does not die en route 🙂


I recently was given half of a cake from a party {bought from the store} and it came with a “plate” and lid!
So I thought, hmmm… what if I transformed it into one that I could use for the cakes that I make?

Here is what you need:
~The package from a pre-made, store bought cake.
~ Cardboard cut to the same size as the base of the cake tray, try for a thinner cardboard
~A yummy cake! 😉

After the cake that was given to us was gone I threw away the bottom circle.
I then traced the bottom onto a new piece of cardboard to insert into the tray.
Cover the cardboard with foil
Insert into the tray.
The cardboard I had at the house was to thick.  So it didn’t sit flush with the tray very well.
Look for a thinner cardboard or just go without it like I ended up doing.
Place your cake on the tray
Cover and lock into place.

Mine didn’t lock into place because of the Ninja Turtles I had on top but the cake still made it with no gouges or lost Turtles 😉

I will do this from now on!  So much less stress!!

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