Quick Announcement:
Hey Guys -Great News! DiscountQueens is now partnering with Fabulessly Frugal (check them out) -were still in the process of merging sites and sorting the technicalities to make it happen. Here's a few things you might notice:

-Emails will now be sent by Fabulessly Frugal
-Just the same all deal posts will be focused on their site
-Our site will be up until the merge is completed

Thank you for your continued support and patience!

eBay Policy Change on the Sale of Coupons – URGENT!

We received this e-mail in the inbox and I was devastated :).

Dear fellow Bloggers,

We have been made aware of a coming in eBay’s policy regarding the sales of coupons. On October 26th, the new policy will go into effect and there will be a drastic reduction in the amount of coupons for sale (sellers will be forced to list just one set of any coupon at a time, many will give up and leave), therefore prices will go up for buyers and coupons will become scarce. Please take the time to read the explanation and letter to eBay and if you agree, please sign the petition. When we contacted eBay customer support, they told us the only thing we could do was let eBay know how unhappy these changes will make both sellers and buyers of coupons. eBay has chosen not to alert buyers of this change.

PLEASE take the time to inform your readers and your blogger friends. On the petition site, there is a link to Facebook, a Widget, link to Twitter and email. We only have until October 26th.

Thank you so much!

Allie Werstler

I know there is some discrepancies regarding the buying and selling of coupons on eBay and I can respect both sides of the argument. After some research I have chosen to continue and purchase select coupons from eBay. If you feel differently – that’s ok! No need to respond to this post!:)