Eddy’s bakery price list

When ever I run out of tortillas or bread and can’t find a great deal elsewhere I always head to Eddy’s on Fariview and Locus Grove across from Fred Meyers. They have great prices and if you make a purchase you can choose from the rack of bread that is almost expired for a super cheap deal! Here’s what I found yesterday.
Most of their bread (wide or reg) is $1.35 a loaf. They have all kinds of brands.
Bagels $1.59
Tortillas $1.39 for 8 ct
Hamburger/Hotdog buns $.87 cents for an 8 ct, $1.79 for 12 ct
Hoagie/Deli rolls $1.39
Rolls 12 pk $1.55
Sliced sourdough $2.65
English Muffins $.89 cents for 8 ct or $1.39 for a 12 ct.
They also sell jams, sweet desserts etc.