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Fred Meyer Blinkies

This is going to be a VERY long post! I just thought it might be helpful to list most of the available blinkies from Fred Meyer right now. Blinkies are the orange tag coupons that you find randomly in aisles. The great thing about these, is you can use them not only at Freddies, but Walmart as well! So when you see a good one, stock up and put a few extras in your binder!

Also, check the top of the coupon to see if it says “manufacturer’s coupon” (what we call an MC) or if it is just a store coupon. You can ALWAYS combine a store coupon with a  manufacturer Coupon for even more savings! That means 2 coupons per product! Just make sure you dont stack two store coupons or two MCs. They wont ring up at the register if you stack incorrectly.

Store coupon                                                           Manufacturers Coupon or MC
Always read the blinkie to see EXACTLY what it is for. Fred Meyer automatically tacks it near the product they are trying to have you use it for. But usually there is a cheaper item that the coupon applies to, so investigate the fine print!
Also keep an eye out for in store Peelies. These are sticker coupons (MCs) stuck right to a product. They can be combined with a STORE coupon since they are manufacturer coupons.

One last tip about blinkies is to see if it is useable on a trial sized product. Dont be fooled by the picture…usually you can use them on a variety of sizes – and sometimes trial sized ones are free or even a money maker.
They do have an expiration date, but they are usually good for about a month. ALL OF THESE EXPIRE BETWEEN AUGUST 15TH -18TH!!!
So here they are:
Grocery (all of these are FRED MEYER COUPONS, so they CAN be stacked with a Manufacturers Coupon:
Frito Lay Variety pack $7.99 ea, limit 2.
Krusteaz breakfast (frozen foods aisle, includes french toast and pancakes) 3/$5, limit 3
Mezzetta Peppers 16 oz, 2/$4. Limit 6
Mezzetta olives Save .50 final price = $6.29
FM bagged cereal $2.99 ea. limit 2
Stash tea 18-20 packets, $2.29 ea, limit 4
FM vegetable juice 64 oz, $2.29 ea, limit 2
Kelloggs Cereal selected varieties, $2.99 ea, limit 2
FM bacon bits 3/$4, limit 3
Reese marinated artichoke hearts 7.5 oz, 4/$5, limit 4
Northland juice 64 oz, 2/$5, limit 2
FM OJ 64 oz,  2/$5, limit 2
Amys Mac and cheese, original soy or rice. Save $1. (the original is on sale for $2.99, so final price would be $1.99)
Silver Spring Mustard 9.5 oz, 2/$5, limit 6
FM sugar wafers 3/$5, limit 3
FM chocolate syrup 4/$5. limit 4
Westsoy nondairy bev, OR Arrowhead mills cereal 2/$5, limit 2 (these are in the specialty food aisle)
Dr. Pepper 12 pack, B3G1 FREE – on sale 3 for $12 – which means you are actually getting 4 for $12!
Hansens soda 6 packs, 2/$4, limit 2
RC, A&W, Sunkist, Squirt, 7up B4G1 FREE – the squirt is 4/$5 (so you get 5 for $5). There is also another blinkie for these same items listing them 4/$12. 
Snapple Tea 6 packs B2G1 free, limit 3

Household items:
American Greeting cards, B2G1 free
FM designer plates (60 pack or 115 pack) $3.99 ea, limit 2
FM trash bags 2/$3, limit 2
Fm aluminum foil 25′, $.99 ea, limit 2
FM moist wipes tub $1.69 ea, limit 2
Softsoap ensembles SAVE $2.00 – MANUFACTURERS COUPON, NOT stackable. FM has these priced at $3.49 each, so final price would be $1.49. There is also a PEELIE  on the pumps for buy any ensemble pump, get a replacement base FREE. So essentially you can get a pump soap and replacement base for $1.49!
Sun 2x laundry detergent 62.5 oz, $1.99 ea, limit 2
All liquid laundry detergent $9.99 ea, limit 2
Baby Items:
Baby Mum-mum 2.79 ea, 1.76 oz original OR 3.5 oz veg. rice snack. limit 4
Elations drinks, 6 pack bottles, save $2. Final price=$5.29
Any Dexatrim product, save $4
Any 50ct Excedrin, save $1.50
Any Polident, save $1
Any Cepacol mouthwash save $1
Any Super poligrip  product, save $1
Any Marvel heroes multivitamin, save $2
Preservision softgels, save $3
Maalox 12oz, or 90ct chewables, save $1
Ex-lax chocolate chews, save $1
Any ACE product, save $1
Doo wop diner pet dish, save $.50. Limit 2
Peelie on Purina carvers products – $2 off any size, any variety. Priced at $3.49, so final price would be $1.49

Reproductive Health: (all of these are MCs = NOT stackable)
Any vagisil product, save $1 
$2 off trojan vibrating ring, final price = $7.99
$1 off Answer brand early detection pregnancy test 2 pack, final price = $7.99
$4 off any vagistat product
Bath and Beauty: all of these are MCs = not stackable
Peelie on Schick disposable razors, save $1
MC – Save $1.50 on BIC solei refillable razor, or 4 pack cartridge
Save $5 on ANY hawaiian tropc sun care, excludes lip balm
$1 off any aquafresh dr suess kids toothbrush, final price = $1.19
$3/2 Clearasil products. They have stay clear pads for $2.89. Buy two, and final price with blinkie is $2.78
Freeman BioBlanace shampoo and conditioner, save $3
$1 off any Aveeno hair care products
$1 off any nivew body product 2 oz+.  They have a moisture cream for $2.99 so final price is $2
$1 off any nair hair removal product
$1 off any noxema or old spice disposable razor Final price = 2.99
$2 off any banana boat sun care, excluding lip balm. After sun lotion final price = 3.99
Save $2 on any Organix shampoo or conditioner
$2 off 2 Edge or skintimate shave products
Save $1 on any oxy product
save $1 on any speed stick, lady 2.3 oz +. Excludes trial size
Save $2 on any L’oreal skincare product
Sorry that was so lengthy. I just wanted to give some of you shoppers out there a few more coupon options! I hope you can pair these up with some MCs for some even better deals! Let me know what you find out there!!!