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Fred Meyer DLS Coupon Book

A few months ago, I posted about Fred Meyers “Dirty Little Secret” coupon book they have in their stores. It’s a little book of ads that are “in store coupons” and ads. This month there are a few really great deals going on there. You need to go to the store and pick up one of these books. They are usually located in the kiosk outside the store where their weekly ads are (go in the doors of the produce side of the store) or just ask at customer service.

Here a few of the deals I found this week: (on the back page of the ad)

SAVE $2 with the purchase of any 3 items and this ad: (note, you can use these stacked with Manufacturers coupons because these are FM coupons)
Bertolli Dinners, Breyers Ice Cream, I can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spreads, Best Foods Mayonaisse, Wishbone Dressing, Ragu Pasta Sauce or Slim Fast.

Here are a few scenarios:

Buy 3 ICBINB products: 3/$5
-$2 FM coupon
-(3) .75/1 ICBINB printable
Total: .75/3 or .25 each!
(you can mix and match. I bought one spray, one box of cubes and a tub…and butter freezes!)

Buy 4 Ragu Pasta Sauces : 3/$5
-$2 FM coupon
-(2) $1/2 printable (the campaign is out of prints, so hopefully you got yours!)
Total OOP: $2.68/4 or .67/each! (That’s a FABULOUS DEAL!!)

Buy 4 Wishbone Salad Dressing : 2/$3 (not that anyone needs more salad dressing, BUT….)
-$2 FM coupon
-(4) .75/1 RP 6/28 or RP 8/2
Total:$1.00/4 or .25/ea


Buy 6 Wishbone Salad Dressing : 2/$3
-$2 FM coupon
-(6) .75/1
Total : $2.50/6 or .42/ea

Buy 4 Breyers Ice Cream: 2/$5
-$2 FM coupon
-(2) $1/2 printable (from coupons.com)
Total: $6/4 or $1.50 each

Buy 3 Best Foods Mayonaisse: 2/$6
-$2 FM coupon
-(3) .60/1 RP 6/28 or RP 8/2
Total: $5.20/3 or $1.73/ea

Buy (2) Ragu Sauce and (1) Salad Dressing
-$2 FM coupon
-(1) $1/2 ragu sauce
-(1) .75 Wishbone dressing
Total OOP: .25 for everything!!

Buy (2) Ragu Sauce and (1) ICBINB product
-$2 FM coupon
-(1) $1/2 ragu sauce
-(1) .75 ICBINB coupon
Total OOP: $1.25

NOTE: It says ONE coupons per purchase. This means, they will not take off $4 for the purchase of 6 salad dressings, but I believe you can do different scenarios per transaction and use the $2 coupon for each! (somebody correct me if I’m wrong!)

Those are just a few ideas. You can mix and match it all. Let us know if you come up with any great scenarios!