Free Cover Girl Make-Up

In case you missed the Rite-Aid post HERE, You can get free – cheap cover girl make-up at Rite Aid this week! Almost all Cover Girl products are Buy One Get One Free, combine that with the BOGO coupon that came in PG-8/30 , and you get FREE Make-Up!

I went shopping for some today and scored! One store (Fairview and Meridian) made me by two items (and got 5 Free) but the other RiteAid rang them all through free (34 items) and I only paid tax.

Total Price paid = $16.89
Total Retail Price = $349.7 (before BOGO’s)
Total Saved = Over 95%!!

PLUS if I had shopped elsewhere for my first two transactions, I would have only spent $6.89 for all of this! That’s 41 make-up items! They had PLENTY of make-up left at both stores. I didn’t clear either out of anything.