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FREE CVS Green Bag Tag

If you’re headed to CVS this week, don’t forget to scan your card at the magic coupon machine. Some people are getting a coupon for a FREE green bag tag. If you don’t get it the first time you scan, keep scanning until the machine tells you that no more coupons are available. If you do get a free tag, have the cashier scan it each time you shop , and you’ll get $1 ECB every 4th visit!

Thanks Who Said Nothing in Life is Free?!


  1. What is the magic coupon machine? What does it look like and where is it placed in the CVS store?

  2. mmaypole says:

    Judy, look for a red kiosk. They are usually at the front of the stores. If you can’t find it, ask a store employee and they should be able to point you to it!

  3. Do you know if you can have more than one green tag? I already have one but always use more than one shopping bag while shopping. Didn’t know if they give you credit for just one or not!?

    • I live in Flowood, Ms. Our cvs coupon machine prints these out to everyone so when mine rinted out last night I did not know If just I got one or if ramdomly printed them, but I did ask and it gives them to everyone, so of course they are all gone., I have been rather disappointed when I have been going in my local stores due to the extreme couponing show. I was doing the the coupon thing before the show, but ever since it started when I go in the store to get products I normally get and the shelves are completely wiped out. I was going to use coupons, yes but some of thesep roducts are things I normally use all the time and everything is just gone. I really think it is mostly due to people watching the extreme couponing show and thinking they are going to get great deals like the people on the show, but unless you buy tons of Sunday papers and prepare for that, that is not the case. Don’t get me wrong, I am not dissing on the people that do the whole couponing thing, but on our local news it did mention that due to the show and the way people are buying stuff out, a lot of our local stores are going to be changing coupoing policies which will affect the people who were already couponing prior to the show. Just wanted to share this and see if anyone else had experienced the same problem.