Free Unlimited Jr. Frostys with $1 Key Chain Purchase?


Check out this comment left by Cathlene on our Facebook Page: 

“Wanted to tell you that Wendy’s has this deal that if you buy a frosty key chain for $1 you can get unlimited jr frosty’s for the rest of the year. (This is in Tennessee, might not be everywhere)”

This is most likley a regional deal ( if not just in local Tennessee city) but it’s awesome enough to find out! Call you’re local Wendy’s to find out if it’s participating. Leave a comment if you get any info!

Thanks Cathlene!!


  1. Joe Minarik says:

    Same deal here in NJ!

    • My Wendy’s in Texas offered this last year. I will have to check and see if they are offering it again this year.

  2. Yes, they had this here in Ft. Lauderdale, FL but it ended 12/31/10;
    not sure if they have it again this year!