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Galactic Slime


My kids loved this, and it was fun to make!!  It was fun to watch the components combine, and go from liquid to fun, malleable, stretchy slime!  We made ours blue with green and blue glitter, but you can do it any color you like!!  If you add the glitter, it will get on your hands and or where you are playing with it, so if you don’t care for glitter, then maybe don’t use it.


IMG_5563 (700x467)

2 – 5oz. bottles of CLEAR Elmer’s Glue

1 1/2 cups Sta-Flo Liquid starch

Glitter and food coloring (optional)


IMG_5567 (700x467)

Slowly mix glue and starch in a large bowl.

IMG_5570 (467x700)

It starts out really watery, but starts to chemically react and thicken, and come together.

IMG_5572 (700x467) IMG_5575 (700x467)

We added the food coloring and glitter before it was too solidified.

IMG_5577 (467x700)

It got pretty stretchy and pulled together after about 10 minutes, but was completely set the next day when we got it out again.  So fun!!  We are just keeping it in a tupperware container so we can play with it again and again.