Garden With Me!

Okay, this is to all you gardeners and wannabe gardeners!  I am formally inviting you to Garden With Me!

When we moved into our home last year, I was so excited to finally have room for a BIG garden!  So I sectioned off an area just for me and my garden with great plans and visions in mind.  I walked out there a few days ago and this is what it looks like….

Yikes.  I have serious work to do!  So I spent most of the day yesterday in the beautiful weather just raking away and preparing the area.  Then this morning I woke up to this…..

Seriously?!  So ticked!  Luckily, it melted within hours, but I was still very annoyed 🙂  Anywho, I have just a little bit left to do before it’s ready to go!  I’m so excited!

Oh wait, I should probably mention that I’ve NEVER gardened before and most things I touch outside….die.  BUT, I have enlisted the help of a couple friends of mine to do this with me, and I have pestered everyone I know with a successful garden for helpful tips 🙂  And I am a determined girl, I tell ya!

Anyway, here’s a few things to keep in mind.  I live in Eastern Wa, so most things I want to plant can’t be done till May – rule of thumb in my area is never to plant before Mother’s Day.  But there are few things that can be planted now – peas, potatoes, lettuce, onions – that I hope to get in the ground this weekend!

My garden size is about 30ft x 30ft.  Here is roughly my plan for the whole garden….

From left to right – corn, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, green peppers, jalepeno peppers, onion, green beans/peas.  At the top – pumpkins, cucumbers, zucchini.  Marigolds on the borders – to keep out bugs and Sunflowers…just ’cause I like them:)


What do you think?  Am I in over my head??  I think so too! (haha!)  Experienced gardeners – I WELCOME any tips you may have to share!

Here are some tips thus far that I have found very helpful….

1.  Be careful what things you plant next to each other.   “Root” plants (like carrots and onions) should not be planted next to each other.  Apparently the roots can intermingle with each other and thus, have a not so desirable result. You want an above-ground plant (like tomatoes) planted next to a “root” plant (like carrots).   Plus, I’ve also heard that carrots have properties that tomatoes like – another good reason to plant them next to each other.  Make sense?

2.  As you can see, I have left quite a bit of space around the Pumpkins, Cucumbers, and Zucchinis.  These plants tend to grow large. I don’t want them to spill over into my grass or crowd out other plants.  Probably not totally necessary, but….that’s how I’m doing it 🙂

3.  Also, if you have the room, I have left about a foot between each row so that I can use my mini tiller as a quick means of weeding.

4.  You can see that I’ve bordered much of the garden with Marigolds.  These flowers are supposed to help keep out unwanted bugs.  I also plan to plant these intermittently throughout, especially around the tomato plants.

And if you’re still feeling hesitant, there is this great site called – Just enter your zip code and it will send you weekly reminders of what to plant for the current week and how to do it.  How easy is that?!   And there’s this site - Gardener’s Supply Co. – where you can design a map of your garden and it will give you tips on when to plant and the spacing between each.  It’s great!

So, are you in??  Succeed with me…(or fail with me…just kidding! …kinda 🙂 )

Stay tuned for more!



  1. Kelley – great garden plans! I saw the coolest thing on Pinterest about replanting scrap celery from the store! I will be trying this as soon the ground warms up!

  2. another Kelly says:

    I too am adventuring into the gardening world. . .did Tomatoes last year with AWESOME results. this year we are going to do more tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, carrots, onions (not next to each other), bush green beans, squash, and of course the marigolds to help keep the bunnies & Bugs away. my garden is 60′ long & about 5″ wide. The ground has been tilled and we are just waiting for my seedlings to get strong enough to stick in the ground. OH and bird house gourds, I knew I was forgetting something. Best of Luck with yours!!