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Go Direct Foods | New Company: WIN FREE BEEF FOR A YEAR!!!


I am here to tell you about a great new product that I had the privilege to try and a great new company.

Go Direct Foods is a new company that will be launching in June.  They will have a wide variety of meats to choose from, all on the healthier side than what you may get at the grocery store.   Here is a list of just of the few great products available to you!


The Ground Beef I received was 93/7.   Up until posting I had made hamburgers and cooked some of it up in a skillet.  Let me tell you, this stuff was amazing.  I do not buy ground beef from the store anymore because of the fat content.  The stuff I got from Go Direct Foods was amazing.  The Hamburgers we made did not shrink up like most hamburger patties.  They keep their shape and were nice and juicy.  The ground beef I cooked up in the skillet had very little fat to drain.  Making our homemade sloppy joes the best yet! 🙂

I also received a Pre-Cooked Pot Roast that I have yet to try…. I want to save it for Easter 😉  I will be reviewing that as well as soon as we all eat it!

Go Direct Foods gets their meat from Washington Beef.  Click here to learn more about the Processing Plant.

Want to know the best news ever?!  We have teamed up with Go Direct Foods and we are giving away FREE CHICKEN FOR A YEAR to two lucky readers/friends!  That is 160lbs of Chicken 😀  Chicken Giveaway ends April 24th 

CONGRATULATIONS to Alyssa W. and Ashley K. who won the FREE CHICKEN


Before Go Direct Foods launches in June they are also doing a GIVEAWAY!  That’s right, they are giving away FREE GROUND BEEF for a YEAR to TWO lucky readers/friends!  Enter to win “93/7 Ground Beef for 1 year” until June 30th!  

 Winners will be randomly chosen by Go Direct Foods.  Only one Go Direct Foods account per household.  Winners will be contacted by email from Go Direct Foods.  Respond within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen.  Winners must be able to pick up their product at these 16 locations 

Right now they are only offering services in these 16 locations.  Sign up for the program now even if your city/state is not listed as they will use the signup information with zip codes to determine new locations.  Signing up will also ensure you are notified when your location is added. Plus this way they can take advantage of referring their friends & family using the Referral Program.  Here is their Referral Program at Go Direct Foods:

For every person who they refer who buys one of the signature items, they will make $2 (this is per product, not per order). PLUS if their friend then refers other people, the friend will make $2 per signature product plus the reader will make $2 per signature product.
How would you like to . . .
           order the same quality meat products at a lower price?
           have more products to choose from?
           have the option to order your favorite products every month?
           know all your delivery dates for the whole year?
           receive your product within 30 days from the time you order it?
           have all your favorite fresh meat products come on the same delivery?
           have a referral program that makes a huge dent in your grocery bill?
Sign up now, go win yourself some chicken and beef!  🙂
Lets get 4 DQ readers some FREE MEAT!