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Green Kid Crafts Review + 10% off Promo Code!


Green Kid Crafts is the maker of the original kids craft subscription box. They are a mom-owned, green company that provides sustainable crafts for kids. Green Kid Crafts is a mother’s invention, created by a working mom, who wanted to make the most out of the limited time she had to spend with her kids. Like many other parents, she wanted to spend that time connecting with her kids, not scrambling for ideas and shopping for green gifts for kids and eco craft products. Sound familiar? That’s where Green Kid Crafts comes in. I recently had the opportunity to try out Green Kid Crafts. I will be honest, prior to this opportunity, the girls’ crafts have been few and far in between. Not that we can’t be crafty, but from lack of ideas and supplies.

Green Kids crafts has multiple options available allowing you and your children to get your craft on!  You can do a monthly subscription  where they send you the Discovery Box like I got with 3 crafts inside each month and these run $19.95. They also ave party packages available which include green and fun party favor crafts!! Take a look at a one of their recent Discovery Boxes.


When I received the Green Kid Crafts box, we opened the box together to find out what exciting stuff we were going to find inside. I think I was more giddy than they were! 🙂 We received the November Discovery Box and the theme was Food Adventures.  Our crafts included an organic basil garden, sprout garden, a fishing game, and a ceramic tile coaster. My daughters are 2 and 4 and thought this was going to be something for only the 4 year old and I because I figured the 2 year old wouldn’t be able to participate. However, I mislead myself. Both of the girls participated in each of the crafts and they LOVED it!  They enjoyed each craft that came in the box and when I asked my 4 year old which was her favorite her reply was “All of them!”

I loved this box for so many reasons. The first being that this is a green company.  I may not be the greenest of the green people, but I try to recycle and purchase eco-friendly products when I can. I loved the fact that everything in this box was eco-friendly. This even gave my oldest and I a great conversation topic about being green and what it means to recycle.

Each craft item inside the box comes in a sealed bag with an instruction sheet and some images. I also noticed that on the back of the instruction sheet there were many games or other creative thinking items. On the back of one of our instruction sheets was a fun-filled memory game with healthy foods. We have played this at least 20 times and my girls love it!

Their dad even got in on the fun and did one of the crafts with them. Getting the box itself was a blessing to our family. With our downtime, instead of us doing our own things, we got to sit down as a family and enjoy these crafts. Each craft inside sparked a conversation with us, allowed us to think further than we normally do. I loved to see that little light bulb above my 4 year old’s head go off when she thought beyond the craft. For example, one of our crafts was growing the sprouts and basil from seeds. Watching them start to sprout and then knowing we could eat it – we talked about other items people grow to eat and she was so amazed! The two year old was mystified as well with the sprouting, like it was magic! 🙂

All in all I LOVE this company and cannot wait to get future discovery boxes from them. If you are interested in trying Green Kid Crafts, you can use the promo code QUEEN to score 10% off your entire order. This code is valid through Dec. 15th. I promise you will not be disappointed and the knowledge and bonding time you get from these  crafts is well worth every penny!