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Guess How Much I Paid – Amber’s Walgreen’s Trip!

Each week, on MondayI will post up a shopping trip from one of the Discount Queens OR one of our readers!

If you guess the actual cost (or the closest), including tax if applicable, — you will win a prize! Sounds fun right? RIGHT!

All you have to do is leave a comment below stating how much you think the shopping trip cost!

1. The contest will go until 8pm MST on Wednesday 3/21/12!

2. The first correct (or closest answer) will win. In the event of a tie, out of the 2 closest answers, the one who answered first will win!

3. When the winner is announced, I will reveal the correct amount — AND breakdown the shopping trip for you!


This week’s “Guess How Much I Paid” contest:


 This shopping trip comes from me at Walgreens!

Some things to keep in mind when guessing:

A. This shopping trip is at Walgreens
B. I did 4 Transactions – starting with (2) $4 RR. 
C. I paid 6% sales tax! 
D. Make sure to guess my OOP cost, NOT counting MIR’s.

Shopping trip includes:

(18) Milky Way Bunnies
(2) Cans of Nice Tomato Sauce
(1) Flashlight
(2) Neosporin Eczema Trial Packs
(4) Trident Gums
(2) Acai Berry Cleanse
(5) Carefree Liners

This week’s prize is: (5) Smartsource (3/18)

Would you like to “brag” about your shopping trips??? Please email Amber – [email protected] and I will feature your trip next week!!



  1. I’m guessing a total of $1.50

  2. this isnt a guess but i have a question! the acai berry stuff in the ad shows it as a combo pack!? but did this not go to any of the stores?!?! thanks 🙂

    • Yes the ad does show the combo pack, but they didn’t get them in so they were doing the cleanse instead.

      • thanks! i went to one and
        they just had the single so i was gonna wait and go to the other in town. now i wont bother searching 🙂

  3. My guess is $2.60

  4. 4.98

  5. $18.89

  6. Abigail Martinez says:


  7. 16.18

  8. $14.30 with Tax included!!!

    All before the MIR too, which this will be a MM! BTW, superb job!

  9. 20.76

  10. I am guessing $14.91

  11. Shannon Matthews says:

    My guess is $0.80. The candy was free, carefree was free with $1.00 coupons, noesporion was a money maker, the cleanse was free after RR so…

  12. Kristen steele says:


  13. 10.60

  14. Kristen Steele says:

    Scratch 5.60….17.60

  15. Danielle says:


  16. 18.68

  17. $34.52

  18. Tonya Plummer says:


  19. Deborah R says:


  20. 2.43

  21. I’m guessing $2.21.

  22. 1.19

  23. $20.99

  24. Renee Proctor says:


  25. I say $2.50

  26. $22.22

  27. I am going to guess $15.11

  28. $17.31

  29. $3.69

  30. Tracy DeWaele says:


  31. lizzette says:

    I say $19.99

  32. I would estimate your spending to be…


  33. .4.65

  34. Michelle says:

    My guess is Free!!!

  35. Bobbie Anderson says:

    I beleive it is $4.24

  36. Becky Evans says:

    My guess is $20.29, which includes tax. I know the Neosporin has a MIR, but I didn’t count that.

  37. Somaly Man says:

    I’m going to guess $17.04?

  38. LORRIE HARTMAN says:

    my guess is $7.33

  39. $2, but mostly I say that because of the movie Better Off Dead 😉

  40. I will say 3.00 even.

  41. $2.04

  42. Shoot, calculated wrong…should be $1.50 🙁

  43. Katherine Gibson says:


  44. $12.98 is my guess.

  45. JayDee06 says:


  46. I would say 3.21

  47. $14.00

  48. $1.89

  49. Lee Kentjana Putra says:

    I guess $30. 52

  50. $1.25

  51. Amy Barlow says:

    I’d say -0.50. They paid her! 🙂

  52. $1.01

  53. Aimee m. says:

    $15.95 its my guess 🙂

  54. My guess on your OOP is $16.69!

  55. My guess is 3.24

  56. 3.48 tax included

  57. schalonia says:


  58. $13.87

  59. I guess 3.50 for all of it.

  60. I guess it to be $12.72