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Guess How Much I Paid: Miriam’s Target Trip!

Each week, on Monday, I will post up a shopping trip from one of the Discount Queens OR one of our reader’s!

If you guess the actual cost (or the closest), including tax if applicable, — you will win a prize! Sounds fun right? RIGHT!

All you have to do is leave a comment below stating how much you think the shopping trip cost!

1. The contest will go until 8pm MST on 2/28/12!

2. The first correct (or closest answer) will win. In the event of a tie, out of the 2 closest answers, the one who answered first will win!

3. When the winner is announced, I will reveal the correct amount — AND breakdown the shopping trip for you!


This week’s “Guess How Much I Paid” contest:


This Target shopping trip comes from reader Miriam E. in Arizona!


Shopping trip includes:

(2) Mentos UP2U Gum
(4) Pks of Activia Yogurt
(1) Vaseline Lotion Pack (3pk Full Size Bottles

This week’s prize is: (5) Smartsource (2/12)

Would you like to “brag” about your shopping trips??? Please email Amber – [email protected] and I will feature your trip next week!!



  1. My guess is $3.18. Thank you for your wonderful site!

  2. .99

  3. 1.07

  4. 1.40

  5. 2.30

  6. 8.50!

  7. emmylou calhoun says:

    $2.28 for all

  8. My guess is Nothing! I think she got it all for FREE!

  9. samantha d says:

    $3.01 lol 🙂

  10. 2.88

  11. Judy Golden says:

    54 cents is my guess.

  12. $3.28

  13. StacyeHolley says:

    I say about $15.75

  14. Michelle B says:


  15. $1.07 is my guess 🙂

  16. Kristy Hodge says:

    my guess is…..$1.13 love love love this site!!!

  17. 1.20

  18. $5.23

  19. shleygogle says:


  20. Tracy DeWaele says:


  21. i’m going to guess ..30 cents

    I know the yogurts were free and the gum was free! I can’t see the clearance price on the lotion, but there a $1 coupon for each.

    hmm.. this one is hard because of the clearance pricing!

  22. $1.23

  23. I’m gonna guess $o.75

  24. $1.62

  25. My guess would be $ 2.79

  26. She probably paid only taxes or nothing using a target gift card. Activias were free after target nd man.coupon, also the gum was free,and vaseline she got a gift card nd used coupon.so thinking about it she probably got money back 🙂

  27. Danielle Nelson says:


  28. 2.17

  29. My guess is $4.28… Unless she used gift cards from a previous trip/purchase…

  30. $4.32

  31. I guess $1.97

  32. $1.35

  33. Erin Markle says:


  34. 4.00

  35. $2.69

  36. 15 cents

  37. $2.27

  38. I think she paid 2.37

  39. $1.88

  40. $2.50

  41. Patricia Sumrall says:

    I would say about 4.26

  42. $2.43

  43. $4.60

  44. 2.15

  45. $0.00:)

  46. Crystalrose says:

    I think she paid around $3.50 gum is free with th up2u coupon, activia is aroud $.19 each and the lotion around $3.00 with coupons. Have a Blessed day God is very good to those who smile upon him.

  47. .68c. Most of which was tax!

  48. I think you paid 3.24 for everything!

  49. Nicole Poehler says:

    my guess $2.00

  50. My guess is $.87

  51. I say $1.65

  52. $3.32

  53. My guess is 13 cents!

  54. $ 2.05

  55. Leigh Conner says:

    I guess that she paid $3.54 for the Target trip.

  56. Im guessing $1.24

  57. Lisa Green says:

    someone else took my guess so I will have to say .70 cents


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