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Hasbro Miracle!

The elusive Playskool Ball Popper and Walk and Ride have been discovered at ShopKo.

As many of you have probably discovered, the great deal on the Playskool toys HERE quickly emptied the shelves of Fred Meyer, Smith’s, Target and Walmart. Overwhelmed by the lack of products in the previously noted stores; my dear friend Erica set out to find these myth-like toys and the stellar deal that accompanied them.

She discovered two things. Kmart doesn’t price-match, and ShopKo does.

ShopKo will price match only if you have the actual ad. A printed internet version will not be accepted. In addition, ShopKo does not normally accept IP coupons. However, they are making an exception for the Playskool coupons this week.

So take in your Fred Meyer/Smith’s ad to your local ShopKo and have them price match and redeem your coupon.

The ShopKo in Nampa has 10 or each left, and the Boise/Milwaukee location had 3-4 of each as well. Feel free to comment where you are finding them or where they are out.

The Fred Meyer runs out this Saturday, so there are only two more days to get this great deal.