Healthy Choice at Target

This week at Target, you can score a $5 gift card for purchasing 10 Healthy Choice meals.

If you take your Fred Meyer add in, and price match, you can get them for $1.66/ea. They are on sale at FM 6/$10 this week.

THEN, if you have the coupons from the CON AGRA home mailer or various other coupons, you can score 10 meals for anywhere from
.66-$1.16 ea.

Make sure you watch the “type” of HC meal you are buying. I think the ones at FM are just the meals, not the cafes or anything.

So, the breakdown:

$1.66 x 10=$16.60 OOP

-$5.00 gift card = $11.60

$1.16/ea OR

with up to 5 coupons =$11.60

-$5.00 = $6.60 or .66/ea

click here for a $1/2 coupon

Prices will vary depending on the # of coupons you have.