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Ranch Dressing Recipe-Healthy ( But Still Tasty)


So I am one of those people on the “get healthy” bandwagon this year.  That means a good deal of my meal forecast is salads.  I refuse to eat low-fat salad dressing because one, I think they taste awful, and two I am afraid of a lot of the ingredients in them!!  I found a couple versions for DIY ranch dressing recipes on Pinterest and decided to pick one.

The whole jar is only 255 calories and 1.75 grams of fat!!  I mean isn’t that about the same as one serving of regular ranch dressing? But besides that this is actually a recipe you will LIKE TO EAT.  It in fact kind of reminded me of the sourcream/ranch you get from Taco Time in both taste and texture.  So if you have had that and like it you will enjoy this.  For those of you who have not had Taco Time or are like “What the heck is Taco Time?”  The consistency is a thicker (but not solid thick) than bottled but the taste is fresh and still rich.

I ended up taking some out and blending in some fresh cilantro towards the end for a change up, worked great.  I think you could even do jalapeno as well to give it a kick.


1 cup Plain Greek Yogurt (I used Dannon Oikos because that is what the recipe suggested)

 1 packet hidden valley ranch mix

 1/2 cup 1% milk.

Whisk together and chill 1 hour before use.  Super easy and it doesn’t taste “low calorie”!