Hershey Drops/York Peices/Reese’s Minis Bags- $.50 each

Walgreens has done a deal like this before on these candies and I bought a bunch :). I have used them as “Thank You’s.” 

NOTE: This deal starts 2/6!
You can use the $2/2 from the Walgreen’s book as many times as you like.So, if you want to buy more of these, you can head over to eBay and buy the Smart Source coupon for about $.10/coupon.

Hershey’s Drops, Pieces or Reese’s Minis – $2.50
$2/2 from February Coupon Booklet (or print it HERE)
$2/2 from Sunday’s (1/30/11) Smart Source insert
Final Cost = $1 for 2, or $0.50 each!

Thanks Eeendevors!


  1. Ok I’m still relatively new to couponing. So I’m kinda confused. Are you saying we can use 2 different coupons? LIke the one from the newspaper and the one from the website? They’ll allow that?

    • You can use both because the $2/2 from the Walgreens coupon book (found in stores or also available to print) is a store coupon and the $2/2 from the newspaper is a manufacturer coupon. You can always use one of each on one product.

  2. since I was already at Walmart where they will price match. I did this deal there and it was a money maker! Holy moly, between these candies and the Mars Valentines candies–we might need a deal on a dentist soon! 😉

  3. I thought that if they price match you can’t use a coupon since they’re already altering the price. Oh gosh I”m so confused.

    • No, you should be able to price match and then use a store coupon from the same store. They’ll just have to adjust the price to reflect the store coupon as well as the sale. (I think these are only $2.50 at Walmart anyway?).

      Then you can always use a manufacturer coupon on top of any store sale and store coupon. It’s like paying with cash – the store gets reimbursed every penny plus handling fees by the manufacturer.

      I know this gets a little confusing and tricky. Hopefully that all made sense :).