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Homemade Strawberry Syrup!

Did you order the smoking hot deal Zaycon strawberries a few weeks back? A few friends and I split an order and I got more strawberries then I could chew!  :)  I ordered them just to do Strawberry Freezer Jam with, but my little family wouldn’t go through that much jam! I was still stuck with 6 containers of strawberries after snacking on them for a few days & using them with meals. I started thinking about other recipes I could use the strawberries in and then I thought about how much I LOVE Ihop’s strawberry pancake syrup! Mmmmmm! So I decided that I would try to make my own syrup, and I am far from a chef let me tell you – but it actually came out YUMMY! I was shocked myself.

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What you will need:

1.5 cups of Strawberries
1 Cup Water
1 Cup Sugar
Vanilla Extract (your prefence)

First you will need to get your strawberries ready! This may go without saying but, make sure you clean your strawberries before using them. Remove the stem and chop in halves. Chopping in halves may not even be necessary but I figured it would be easier for the juice come out. 🙂

While doing the strawberries, I had put my water and sugar in the pan to start  boiling. Once boiling, start adding your strawberries. Once the pan returns to a boil, reduce heat and let it simmer for about 10 minutes without a cover. At this point, your mouth will probably start to water -  I  know mine sure did with that lovely aroma! At this time I added a little vanilla into the mix too. Choose your amount that you would like but I added 2 teaspoons.

Once the ten minutes are up – you will have avery bright red liquid and soggy strawberries. There are likely easier ways to remove the strawberries from your pan of syrup but I just put a big glass bowl on the counter ad put a colander on top and poured the mixture in. Note that I am ok with the small seeds in my syrup so you will need to use a different straining method if you do not want the seeds.

At this point the syrup is done. I did not have any easy pouring storage devices and I am too cheap to go buy some! Instead, I had some Snapware that I got a great deal on at Fred Meyer recently so I used these and just used a ladel to get it from there when we used it.

This is a little more liquidy than traditional syrup, nonetheless, it still tastes amazing! However, for future refrence, a question for those of you with more expertise in the kitchen, what could I have added or done differently to make it a little thicker?

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  1. how funny, i lterally just finished making strawberry freezer jam. i actually use my freezer jam as “syrup” for pancakes and waffles,etc. I just add a little more crushed strawberries and sugar than the directions call for and it comes out like a thick syrup. too runny for pb & j, but just right for pancakes. (definitely not as runny as syrup though). But that looks yummy! Wish I had seen this before I used up all my strawberries 🙂

  2. You could add a bit of cornstarch to thicken it. Just make sure you dissolve the cornstarch first (probably in warm water). Then stir that into the syrup a little at a time until desired thickness. Not sure on measurements, but I would try 1tsp cornstarch : 3 tbs water.

  3. I made some strawberry syrup yesterday…I’ve gotten into a kombucha making kick and am experimenting with fruit. I used much more berries than you did…probably triple the amount. I used the same amount of sugar as you. You could also cook it down until it’s the thickness you want, bypassing the corn starch. For kombucha purposes, I use my hand blender to liquify.

    • These are great ideas – Thank you ladies!! It still tasted great on my pancakes and the runny part didn’t bother me any, however it may others! 🙂

  4. Malyssa says:

    Is this anything like the strawberry syrup that kids like to mix in their milk to make strawberry milk?? Or would this not really work for that…?

    • Well mine turned out with little pieces of Strawberry pulp in it – so if you are ok with that – then sure I bet that would be great!