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[Updated] HOT! HOT! Amazon Prime Day + Walmart Deals: July 15, 2015 (more deals than Black Friday!) **Deals RoundUp!

I am so excited for this!! Mark your calendars!

Amazon is promising a day of deals to surpass Black Friday on July 15, 2015. They are dubbing this day Amazon Prime Day.

Prime members can shop exclusive deals from electronics, toys, video games, movies, clothing, patio, lawn and garden, sports, and outdoor items and more.

Not on Prime yet? What are you waiting for?? You can actually enter this Amazon Black Friday by registering for FREE 30-day trial today! Hurry there isn’t that much time left before the sale!

DiscountQueens.com Game Plan!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the deals that are available, so do we sometimes! That’s why we’re going to try to make this as simple as possible to follow along throughout the day. Here is our step by step game plan so we can all keep up!

  • Where is the best place to follow all the deals: For this mad sprint it’s going to be best to follow all the deals directly on our site, as it will be the most up to date spot for all the deals. It’s going to get crazy, but with our updated design, it should be really easy to navigate through the deals and only focus on the ones that grab your attention.
    • Blog Posts: Every deal as we find them will go live first on the site, before any other channel.
    • Facebook (Other Channels): In years past we put a lot more emphasis on posting the deals here first, but Facebook is not the same it used to be. They make it much harder to get in your newsfeed for you to see the offers. However all the deals that are posted on our site, will also be posted on our Facebook wall here: https://www.facebook.com/discountqueen. If Facebook works best for you, you’ll want to watch our wall directly and not hope to find the deals solely in your newsfeed.
    • Email Blasts: Just like always we will send out the offers to all subscribers. However these deals will be delayed, you’re going to best be served by following the site directly or our Facebook wall.
  • Giveaways: Just like in times past, we are going to have a full day of Giveaways spread throughout the day. This time around we will be posting them throughout the day. Just keep an eye on the Giveaway banner and grab the code as quick as you can. We are planning to do around 5-10 giveaways. In the comments below, would you provide some feedback if you prefer more giveaways and less dollar amount per giveaway or less giveaways but a higher dollar amount? Keep in mind that we do have a limited budget and will need to stick with it throughout the day.
  • Black Friday In July (Amazon & Walmart): Starts at 12:00am PST July 15th, that’s only a few hours away!
  • Feedback: Have any other feedback or comments, please share them below! Together we can do this!

UPDATES 07/15:

  • The first giveaway is live, just watch for this banner throughout the day and follow the instructions in the post for you’re chance to win. There will be multiple chances so be sure to enter each time:


  • We will be updating a summary of Lightning Deals and Deal of the Day in here throughout the day so make sure to check often!!
  • If you find any expired deals please report to us by commenting below -Thank you!

Bookmark this page as there will be more to come! Deal Savings start within —————————



  1. More giveaways with less amount so more can win

  2. More giveaways with less amount

  3. I’d prefer more giveaways with less amount – for all of the people that will be shopping, 5-10 winners is nothing!

  4. More giveaways. Less amount

  5. More giveaways, less amounts. Thank you for offering and asking our opinion.

  6. Alright you got it! We’ll do more giveaways, kicking off the first one within a few minutes!

  7. I’m confused; where will the banner be?

    • Watch the home page and you’ll see the banners spread throughout the regular posts. Right now we have one, if you scroll down a bit on the page you’ll find it. More to come soon…

  8. christie lopanec says:

    I think higher amount less winners, makes people want to stay tuned!

  9. Ty Gray says:

    higher amounts, less giveaways…

  10. I would be happy to become a winner (only God knows that I what I could really utilize)….so I choose to decide that since you are doing all of this wonderful work for us…..I would be happy with big or small giveaway. May God bless all of you & let’s enjoy the fact that those of us with very little money may find something that is important to us during this great sale day!