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GIVEAWAY OVER: “How to Coupon” Videos: Do you like it? Or do you hate it? Plus $20 Gift Card Giveaway!

We don’t get too many comments around here, which makes me think your not here looking, but I know some of you are here, so maybe your just shy :), or I guess there really hasn’t been anything to comment on now that I think about it. OR, maybe my posts are so amazing and perfect you don’t need to comment! That’s more likely. J/K

Anyway, you don’t have to comment, but I would love to know what you all thought about watching some “How to Coupon” videos. Maybe for yourself or you could send your newbie friends and family to watch them. They would be short and simple and include some of my personal tricks and tips on different stores, how I find all the deals I post, Register Rewards, rolling catalinas, etc… What do you think? I might/probably look really dumb but, if you want them, I’ll make them! Send me an e-mail ([email protected] or… leave a comment.

I decided I need to bribe you: In a day or two, I’ll pick one random commenter and give away a $20 Gift Card to Gap, or maybe Target, or where ever you want I guess!  I would say so far your odds of winning are good :).
This one is over!


  1. I enjoy short little “how to” videos as long as they are concise and easy to follow!!!

  2. I really like this site in knowing how to help save money. I can’t believe how much I have saved in just starting out with the coupons. I guess my biggest question would be how would i get more Albertsons doubler and where do I find the inserts for the binders to start my own binder? Thanks so much for helping me and my family save money.

  3. Ashley Sullivan says:

    I just found this site a few days ago and I love it! I’m new to couponing and the How to Coupon videos really help me alot. I’m still learning but Im so excited about couponing! I found a coupon in the paper for Maalox and saw your post about getting it free at walmart. I was nervous that they wouldn’t take my coupon and I would be embarrassed lol. But they took my coupon and it was free, with overage! I was so giddy. I couldn’t stop telling ppl how I got Maalox for free haha, the looks they gave me… But I’m so grateful for expert couponers sharing their tips and websites to newbies like myself. I can’t wait to pick up my Sundays newspaper and clip Clip CLIP! ( I may be in an early stage of addiction)

  4. I think your site is awesome and i tell everyone I know about it. First day I was on your site I got the staples paper deal ($1.20 for 10 reams of paper). I am a student, and I mostly let other students know about your deals as well, since we really need to stretch our dollars. I think you’re idea for video’s would be great since I have run into a few blunders using coupons, mostly not seeing or understanding what the fine print means, where to locate other information that might prevent me from using it. Also, sometimes we students read so much, our eyes are just tired and listening would be preferable while taking notes, as we are so used to it. It may also be beneficial those with language barriers, or other problems like poor eyesight. What I would like to see different from other video’s is less generalization, and get more into the details of getting these great deals. Maybe using some of your own best examples and the best deals you’ve gotten or maybe displaying your own items after a shopping trip from different stores could be helpful. Even one about avoiding coupon mistakes and some of your idea’s about how you prepare before going shopping I think could be very beneficial.

  5. Videos are great! Then we can see saving in action and be even more motivated to get out there and stretch our dollars. Bring them on!!!

  6. Cassandra says:

    I love videos!

  7. Since I’m new to couponing, I find short videos very helpful! For the record I check your site two or three times each day. I’m a teacher, mom, and office manager to a family business. Therefore, I’m always in a mad rush; so, I’ve never left a comment until now. Bribery works! 🙂

  8. Johnathan says:

    Love your site, and I would love a $20 gift card! Thanks!

  9. I enjoy this website. It as a lot of good info. I just don’t normally leave posts on blogs because I don’t normally have anything to add. The idea of a how to video is a good one. I enjoy learning as much as I can. Knowledge is power… or in this case knowledge is money. One thing I would say is I think the site should be changed to discount kings and queens. That’s just my thought though. Keep up the good work.

  10. One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to use more coupons when shopping. So far, with the help of this site, I have been successful.

    Thank you for all that you do!

  11. I normally just take a quick peak at your site each morning, so I don’t have time to look at the videos.

  12. I honestly don’t think i’d take the time to watch a video. It’s easier to just read the deal and go for it! But, then again, I’m not new to couponing!

  13. I would love a how to on Walgreens – I *had* a great plan for using my RRs but then it all fell apart at the register b/c I didn’t know all of the rules for redeeming them… there always seem to be a few loop holes and it would have helped my planning!

  14. I’ve been couponing for awhile & normally don’t watch the “How To” videos, but if there were something to draw my attention to it, I’ll sometimes take a peek. And actually, when I have taken the time to watch a video, I have often learned a new tip that I didn’t think of before, so they are indeed helpful, just depends on whether or not I’m in the mood to watch a video clip or not. 🙂 A video would probably be especially helpful for newbie (& it sounds like you’ve got some here-awesome!) so I say go for it! And if you make a video clip, I promise I’ll watch it. 🙂

  15. I love your site! It is my favorite coupon site! I am doing a refresher course in couponing so I would love to see some short videos too. I use to do couponing a couple of years ago and stopped because I was ending up with so much stuff I didn’t use. Now I am being more selective and using just what I need. I am introducing my adult daughters into couponing too so they would benefit from the videos too. Thank you for your giveaways too. Every little bit helps.

  16. Jackie G. says:

    I personally do not like the videos, but I know that it is helpful to newbies.
    You have a great site and I enjoy seeing it all. Thanks!

  17. I don’t usually watch videos on peoples blogs, but the whole rewards thing from Walgreens and Rite Aid still confuses the heck out of me and I would watch that video! 🙂

  18. I have been following your site for about a year, and thank you for all you do. Even though I have got my grocery bill down to about 60% of what I used to spend, I am still learning, so of course I would appreciate any video tutorials! Just make them short and sweet- I am a working mom, you know the drill!

  19. I love the videos if they are short (1-2 min) otherwise i’d rather read the info!

  20. melanie keck says:

    maybe your posts are too perfect! hey I love the site it gives me inspiration to keep on going to figure out this whole coupon saving thing!

  21. I think it’s a great idea. I am an avid couponer and I constantly have people asking me to teach them or to teach a class etc. I always refer them to my favorite sites but sometimes I think it may be overwhelming because they don’t even know where to start. I love the idea of having a few things that I can send to friends when they have questions. 🙂 Thanks again for all you do your site is great.

  22. Normally these types of videos are very basic and for beginners, but I’ll admit it’s still interesting to watch even if you don’t learn anything from it. I would most definitely considering sending to my friends who are just learning. It would be a great tool to teach with.
    Thanks for all you do!

  23. Cory Hampton says:

    I don’t have a lot of time to watch a video but I do love you site! Thanks for all the tips 🙂

  24. I think videos are good I always like to learn something new, but i dont have a lot of time so its a plus if its short. And I love your site!

  25. I would love to see videos, I just started to coupon and love it, I have a baby on the way, and I’m so happy that I can save money without worrying about too much. I love your website, I don’t comment much, but look on it everyday for deals.

  26. I love your website! I was told about it last week, and I check it about every other day. I’ve just gotten into couponing. I’m sure there are great tricks that I don’t know about, so videos would be perfect for that. Thanks for all the information you give on deals!

  27. Coupon Girl says:

    I love using coupons! I think “How-to” video would be great! I love getting extra pointers anywhere I can, plus winning a $20 giftcard would be AWESOME!!!

  28. I would like to watch some videos if they were short. I spend alot of time looking at coupon sites (this one and two others) everyday, but some extra tips might help. 🙂

  29. I love videos! I think they are beneficial. Since I know you are local too 🙂 it would be nice to see which stores are nice to you, etc while you are couponing.

  30. I really like the videos. It brings a visual way to learn the art of coupons. I also like reading your blog as there are some different posts than others.

  31. im checking your blog everyday…. thanks for updating us! you are well appreciated 🙂

  32. Love your site! Check it everyday (multiple times a day)! Would love to see videos! Where are you two from? I think I remember one of you are local?? I’m in Lincoln, Ca.

  33. Well…..bribery obviously works!! lol. Videos would be great. I think hearing and seeing what you are talking about is way easier than reading it and trying to understand what you are saying. Like the other posters said..maybe a few short videos on several subjects would be lovely. With seven children couponing is my life and I could always use some tips. I check your site daily searching for the next great deal!! thank you so much for the help

  34. I love how to video’s, especially since I can refer friends and family to them! Somtime’s the pro’s are better at explaining the process than I am. Any little bit of knowledge and how to is always appreciated by me! 🙂

    • I would love to watch a short video with just quick tips on things that you found that make things easier. I have been couponing for about six months now but I am always frustrated because I just can’t seem to get my stuff organized. I keep saying I’m just going to wait till all my coupons expire and start over but it just hasn’t happened.

  35. I caught your clip on TLC about extreme couponing a few weeks ago in December and since then I’ve been hooked! It was just a complete eye opener and mind blower! I seriously couldn’t believe there were people out there saving this kind of money on a everyday basis! I recently bought your book also which I’m waiting on for it to arrive.. I need all the tips and tricks of the trade I can get! I’m new to couponing and am still trying to work my way around how many coupons can be used at a time for a product and how do you know you’re using the right coupon and so on and so forth, with that said it would be an extra help if you made videos here and there with anything that might be useful! Thanks for taking the time out to help others, my girlfriend and I are truly greatful! You’re very inspiring!


  36. As a brand new couponer and a brand new mom I say yes to videos…they would be super helpful!

  37. I like videos a lot, would love them.

  38. I enjoy reading your blog. I think that how to coupon videos are great especially for some of us that are just starting out. Especially if you talk about where to find coupons. What are good stock up prices and how to organize your coupons! Thanks!

  39. As someone who is new to couponing and very confused, I would love to see some short “how to coupon” videos, specifically on organization. Love your blog!

  40. I love to watch the videos. I have been couponing for a couple of months now and when I watch these I always seem to learn something new. It is nice to see how people do things different and how I can make my couponing easier and work better for me. Different things work for different people. Keep up the good work. I love the site!! 🙂

  41. I’d view anything you did – videos would be great and perfect for forwarding on to “coupons virgins.” Gotta say, there are only 4 blog sites I frequent for couponing; one of them has over 60k fans and I check it daily; I also check yours daily! I’ve always marveled that so few folks comment on your posts but then I realized I don’t do it often enough myself! I don’t recall how I first found DQ… I’ve been at this coupon thing for about 18 months and it’s really “clicked” w/me – I’d say I’m pretty advanced – but I visit your site faithfully because you always seem to have an inside track on something the “major” sites don’t and I love the nuggets you dispense! Anyway, all that to say I’m very glad you do what you do because many of us are reaping the benefits! Keep up the great work!

  42. How to videos are nice as long as they are on the short side and things are clearly stated 🙂 Fun to watch!

  43. I think videos would be great. I’ve been following your blog for exactly 1 year now, it was the first couponing blog I’d ever seen (or taken the time to see). To be honest though, I happened upon it completely by error. I had read a yahoo news story and they had mentioned some different sites and I typed in “crazy coupon lady” accidentally omitting “the”. It took me a good month before I realized my mistake and have since concluded that it was one of my better ones.

  44. I just found your site and videos sound great. I am new to couponing and and still don’t understand all the different Register Rewards and such that all the drugstore chains do and frankly am a little afraid to use them until I know what they are!!

  45. I love videos. I am pretty new at couponing and they really help somebody like me! I love your blog and would love to see you “in action” – teaching me what to do!
    I will keep an eye out for some!

  46. I think your videos are great! As long as they are short and easy to follow. I find the videos very motivating.

  47. I usually do a quick peek, so I don’t know if I’d personallly watch, but it would be nice to be able to refer someone who’s new to couponing to it. Thanks for all you do!

  48. Erica Mangum says:

    I think it would kind of be a cool to watch you get some good deals..so we can see how it is really done!!

  49. Hi! I found your blog about a year ago and I love it. I am always interestedin seeing what deals you plan on doing for the week and your favorites. I am a fan of videos and would enjoy seeing one. I would also like to know how you find all the deals that you post. Thanks for all the great info!

  50. I love your Video’s I think they help with understanding, plus I love the coupon deals you post

  51. Absolutely you should make some videos! I personally am a visual and hands on learner, so for me when I started couponing 2 years ago it was much easier to get the hang of things watching videos of people do it and showing me what it should look like then it was to just read a post. I think a lot of times newbies don’t understand all the coupon lingo when it is written out and get discouraged; until they have someone show them how to understand it.

    I still search for new coupon videos just to see if anyone has a new way of doing things and try to learn something new. It seems like there is always something new I can learn about couponing!

  52. I visit your site everyday and other than once, I’ve never left a comment. Sorry. It’s not that I don’t find your information useful, I just don’t have anything to add!
    I do have a suggestion now, though. Since you moved to your own url, I noticed that the links don’t open up in a new window. It would be more convenient if they did so we would not have to hit backarrow to get back to the page.
    Thanks and keep up the great work.

    Sahra 🙂

  53. This is my Favorite couponing blog! I love to see what deals you have found each week!

  54. I love this site! I havent watched any of the videos yet, but I plan to. Thanks for what you do! Fingers crossed on the prize! lol

  55. Alynn mortensen says:

    My sister finall called me the other day and said ok…TEACH ME! Well I love to teach people, but she doesnt live here which makes it hard so a video would be great!

  56. I love them because i am a TOTAL newb and i need all the help & suggestions i can get. Thank you soo much for all the effort you put into this site, it helps SO many people!

  57. Stephanie says:

    I discovered your website a few weeks ago in my search for ways to save. I never have much to say but I am a daily visitor! I enjoy your site, but I myself am not a video person, I prefer to read the posts. Keep the savings ideas coming : )

  58. I left a comment on the other sight, but will reiterate that I think a how to video is great. I appreciate the time and effort that you put into this site, it makes my life easier. 🙂

  59. Videos are helpful, especially to those who are just beginning couponing.

  60. I think the videos would be a good idea.

  61. Ann Tejeda says:

    Video are so much easier to understand and easier to explain things. I think it is an awesome idea!!!

  62. So, I’ve been following you for a while now and this site is by far one of my faves. Last year I saved over $3,000 (which we used to pay for my son’s tuition at a private school) and I have a goal of saving more this year. I tell all of my girlfriends about how coupons are like cash and they always ask me to do a class. However, I have so much going on and now I am relieved to be able to send them to your site since you’ve done all the grit work already!! lol. Just wanted to especially say Thank You from me and all of my girlfriends (in advance) since I know how much they will enjoy your tips. We truly are Deal Divas 🙂

  63. I watch the videos if it is something that is complex and difficult to understand just by reading it. If there are a whole bunch of steps to something I would rather watch it than read it.

  64. Laura Sharbonno says:

    This is one of three blogs that I look at daily and you always have links to manufacturer coupons that the other two do not, which results in bigger savings. Thanks for your dedication b/c you make it possible for my family to have extra money to do the fun things we will always remember!! 🙂

  65. I love you site thanks for all the hard work

  66. I really appreciate your posting for great deals, very very helpful. Thanks.

  67. Videos are fun, if they are short and to the point!

  68. Looks like my original post didnt transfer. I hope you were able to read the feedback though in that I would love video’s to help other family members (even the younger set) coupon as well. I also love the new format. Its so much easier to leave a comment!

  69. I LOVE your site! I especially love all the posts about clothing deals. 🙂 Couponing videos would also be AWESOME!

  70. I enjoy your site. Always fresh and up to date. Very easy to understand and a HOW TO video would be a great add on!

  71. a short video might be helpful for beginners…especially to explain multiple transactions or rolling rewards.

  72. I’ve followed your site for nearly two years…so I pretty much skip the how to videos, but it’s great for beginners!

  73. love your page its amazing you have saved me bunches you go girl!

  74. This is the best site ever! I’ve told several of my friends about it. Thank you for saving our families so much money in such hard economic times.

    P.S. I don’t think I would watch the videos. I feel like I don’t have the spare time to watch the movies I get at the library. The website is perfect and easy to use!

  75. I usually check your site on my phone (every 30 sec hehe), so I don’t think I would ever get a chance to watch the videos. Love you site!


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